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Music Review: A Primitive Evolution – The Prize

A Primitive Evolution is a Toronto-based alternative rock powerhouse. Since the fall of 2007, they have been rocking Toronto’s alternative indie scene and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With Brett Carruthers on lead vocals, Scott Carruthers on lead guitar, Stu Dead on percussion, and Stephany Seki on bass and cello, they deliver an intoxicating blend of music that has captivated Canadian audiences. Their newest album, The Prize, continues to deliver amazing tracks to everyone who listens.

“Lord of Reason” is my favorite track. The song shows off the vocals very heavily in the beginning, where it also displays some simple guitar chords. Then the music becomes more and more powerful throughout the track. In general, it isn’t as complicated or frilly as most alternative rock music today. In fact, it has more of a simplistic elegance that focuses more on the lead vocals and lead guitar. The vocalist stays in the same range throughout the song and it really works for this track.

“I Feel It All” is another track that I really enjoyed. The vocals here are more complex than some of the other songs, such as “Lord of Reason.” It sounds like a heartbreak song and is definitely a contrast from “Lord of Reason” as well as other tracks on the album.

“Falling Far Behind” showcases the cello more. I feel that the cello usage, while rare in most alternative rock music, complements the song beautifully. Again, the lyrics are simple and to the point.

The main theme of this album is the simplicity. This band is a simple band. There aren’t any exciting guitar riffs and, in all honesty, this isn’t music that you can dance to. However, this is definitely the kind of music you can chill out, listen to, and relax. The simplicity is mesmerizing and it works very well in The Prize.

The variety of speeds, complexities, and other characteristics of the music on the album complement each other. All of the textures seem to come together in the perfect blend. Its moderate tempo makes it awesome music to either hang out with or dance to. A Primitive Evolution is definitely worth your time.

Be sure to check them out on Myspace, Facebook, and, of course, their official website.

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