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3Divas produce a dynamic synergy that is magnetic and perceptibly mature.

Music Review: 3Divas – ‘3Divas’

Jazz trio the 3Divas hone a dynamic repertoire on their self-titled release, laden in frilly swing jazz designs, Latin-tinged motifs, and expressive improvisations. The agile movements and nimble reflexes of drummer Sherrie Maricle, bassist Amy Shook, and pianist Jackie Warren, who comprise the 3Divas, bond a contemporary voicing with traditional idioms. The threesome reach a level of playfulness that demonstrates maturity and a genuine affection for performing off-the-cuff.

The trio shows a natural instinct for knowing where each other is going and where to take their own chord progressions. The bluesy embers of Warren’s keys are foddered by the brushed strokes of Maricle’s drumming and the cool jazz tone of Shook’s bass in “I Thought about You.” The three are aware of one another’s movements and instinctively intervene with complementing chord sequences. “Favela” takes the trio into Latin-imbued raptures, driven by the prancing gait of the keys and sharp staccato strikes of the drums. Their capricious jumping produces a festive atmosphere with a Brazilian flavor.

The slow legato strut of the keys ruminating along “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” permeate an introspective vibe that contrasts the rapid reflexes of the keys and the nimble strikes of the drums binding “Beautiful Love.” The trio’s cover of Sonny Bono’s hit tune “The Beat Goes On” has a swinging jazz flare that changes to a bluesy gospel inflection along “Tennesse Waltz,” originally penned by Pee Wee King. The slinky motion of Shook’s bass wafts a cello-like sonorous through “Sunshine on My Shoulders,” emanating an orchestral texture that switches to a bubbly pivot as she is joined by the sprightly pulse of the keys and drums, creating an uplifting ambience.

Maricle, Shook, and Warren produce a dynamic synergy that is magnetic and perceptibly mature. The three met in May of 2014 at the Cleveland Playhouse while playing in the DIVA Jazz Orchestra as part of Maurice Hines’ award-winning show Tappin’ Thru Life. They perform like kindred spirits while maintaining their own individuality.

Sherrie Maricle – drums, Amy Shook – bass, Jackie Warren – piano

“Beautiful Love,” “Sunshine on My Shoulders,” “Tennessee Waltz,” “I Thought About You,” “Favela,” “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,” “The Beat Goes On”

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