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Kelly McGrath - Fall Into You

Music Premiere: Kelly McGrath – ‘Fall Into You’ Oozes Charm and Dazzling Vocal Colors

Kelly McGrath premieres “Fall Into You” today. And Blogcritics has it first. The song, co-written and produced by Joshua Blair (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Duran Duran), is from her forthcoming Kites EP, slated to drop in March.

McGrath explains the inspiration of the song, saying, “I remember Josh and I were sitting outside in the beautiful sunny gardens of the legendary Shangri La Recording Studio in Malibu, CA and were inspired to write a classic love song with a dreamy romantic retro musical vibe. We really wanted to capture those magical first feelings when you meet someone you have a real connection with after you’ve had your heart broken, drawing from personal experience it’s like being resurrected. All the butterflies, the nerves, the excitement, the fear, the vulnerability and the divine power that love carries to magically bringing your heart back to life with one new person, it’s like a nostalgic soundtrack to a movie we’ve all experienced.”

“Fall Into You” follows McGrath’s two previous hits, “You and Me Today,” which premiered on CMT and quickly hit iTunes’ Hot Tracks list, and “All That I Want,” which led to a tour of Europe, as well as a contract with Luna Music Group.

“Fall Into You” opens with a softly quavering organ and McGrath’s dulcet voice. A piano joins in as the organ ascends prior to flowing into a measured scintillating country pop melody. A resonant bassline and crisp snare drive the swaying rhythm, as McGrath’s velvety tones soar above the creamy, shimmering music. Skanking guitars drift into twangy rolling colors when the music intensifies on the bridge and then climb to the chorus, exuding streaming, prismatic hues riding on the textured energy of the mounting tone of the organ.

McGrath’s gorgeously rich voice supplies the point of convergence for the harmonics, merging the variety of sonic pigments into a unified whole with her emotional commitment and delicate balanced timbres. It’s a voice laced with scrumptious ambiance and luminous sonority. Reminiscent of Shania Twain and Christina Perri, but more evocative and elegant, it oozes charm and quixotic intimacy.

The lyrics of “Fall Into You” relate the wavering hesitancy, the yearning for the unattainable, of falling in love after the emotional tumult of heartbreak.

“I think I could love you / And it scares me to death / Just got back from the bottom / And I don’t know if I’m ready yet / I don’t know you / But I want to / You don’t know me / But you want me to / Fall into you.”

“Fall Into You” is beautiful, deliciously haunting, and wistful. The melody surges with flooding sparkling energy as well as an aura of desire and hope. And McGrath’s marvelously persuasive tones heighten the romantic susceptibility. “Fall Into You” is a must-listen-to song.

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