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Dead Cross

Music News: Supergroup Dead Cross Announce New LP, Unleash ‘Reign of Error’

Veteran hardcore/punk/metal supergroup Dead Cross will release sophomore album II on October 28 via Ipecac Recordings. Today the band shared the short but brutal new single and video, “Reign Of Error,” which takes on the (right-leaning) Supreme Court.

The new nine-track album comes five years after Dead Cross’s self-titled debut, and it features vocalist Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle), drummer Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, Mr. Bungle, Misfits, formerly co-founder of Slayer), guitarist Michael Crain (Rotex), and bassist Justin Pearson (Locust, Rotex). Since 2017, the group has released a self-titled EP (2018) and a cover of Black Flag classic “Rise Above” in 2020.

A lot has happened since then, including Crain coming down with both Covid and a surprise advanced cancer diagnosis (which is now in remission). Patton battled agoraphobia, which forced Faith No More and Mr. Bungle to cancel planned tour dates last year.

Crain talks about the creation of the upcoming DC album in a press release: “The slow, excruciatingly painful, and nauseating recovery from cancer treatments were the catalyst for every riff and note on this album. However, my will to live and be with my brothers Justin, Dave, Mike, and co-producer Ross Robinson, got me out of bed and running into the studio every day to get it all on tape.” He also strongly believes the spirit of late great Slayer bassist Jeff Hanneman helped bring about “Reign of Error.” Crain: “I think he just wanted to jam with his friend again and perhaps did so through me. There I said it.”

You can pre-order the new Dead Cross album II now in CD digipak, digital, cassette, and various (limited) vinyl formats.

II tracklist:

  1. “Love Without Love”
  2. “Animal Espionage”
  3. “Heart Reformer”
  4. “Strong and Wrong”
  5. “Ants and Dragons”
  6. “Nightclub Canary”
  7. “Christian Missile Crisis”
  8. “Reign of Error”
  9. “Imposter Syndrome”

Photo credit: Becky DiGiglio

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