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My Morning Jacket's reputation as a great live band is absolutely justified on this DVD. Just watch out for the bear.

Music DVD Review: My Morning Jacket – Okonokos – The Concert

Oh my God, this is great stuff.

And I have to thank the friend that pulled my ass out of a sling earlier this week by scoring us tickets to My Morning Jacket’s show here next January. Based on this incredible live DVD, I have absolutely no doubt we are in for something special.

I seriously doubt that My Morning Jacket is a band that has a hit single anywhere in their immediate future, although I have to admit that songs like “What A Wonderful Man” and the riff-heavy “Off The Record” have a certain hookiness about them — at least in the case of “Off The Record” anyway, before it drifts off into a sort of Pink Floyd “Echoes” never-never land.

My Morning Jacket’s reputation as a formidable live band — if there was ever any doubt — was pretty much cemented with a career-making three-hour set at last year’s Bonnaroo Festival where they pretty much blew everyone from Tom Petty to Radiohead (playing new material nonetheless) away.

Of My Morning Jacket’s reputation as a live band — based on what is captured here — all I will say is this: For anyone who has ever missed being carried away to another place by music, get ready to be welcomed home.

For most of the tracks here, things begin with singer-songwriter Jim James’ soaring falsetto vocals building into a cascading crecendo of layer upon layer of the most gloriously clashing guitars, bass, and drums you have heard in what seems like forever.

Honest to God, you could get lost in this stuff. I swear, these guys are this good.

The DVD is also visually striking. It begins with a guest being taken out of a posh champagne party into a forest and to the concert by a llama, of all things. My Morning Jacket’s stage setup basically is a dizzying set of lights set within the forest.

If I am somewhat short on details in this review, I apologize. Needless to say, this is a great DVD where My Morning Jacket’s incredible music just took me off to another place altogether. If I could sum up, I would simply do so by saying their reputation as an incredible live band is absolutely justified. Think of the places that something like Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd took you, and you’d start to get the idea. Yet, you’d be nowhere close.

All I know is I can’t wait to see them.

This is great stuff. Just watch out for the bear attack at the end.

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