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For those who love their movies on a big screen at the movie theater, this service is a dream come true.

MoviePass – Innovative Movie Theater Subscription Service – Now Running Oscars Contest

MoviePass logo MIf you’re an avid moviegoer and haven’t yet heard of the subscription service MoviePass, you’ll want to pay close attention. While Netflix, of course, allows movie lovers to browse from a selection of streaming content from their own home, MoviePass applies a similar concept to cinemas. For one flat monthly rate (generally $30, but a bit higher in some areas—check the official website for more details), MoviePass members can see one movie every single day at the participating movie theater of their choice. And while one might be tempted to assume that only a handful of theaters are involved, there are in fact more than 3,700 theaters nationwide at members’ disposal (that’s over 33,000 individual screens). Again, the website makes it easy to find the nearest MoviePass-eligible cinema near you.

Now’s a great time to check them out, because from now until 3pm EST on February 28, MoviePass is holding an Oscars contest. By filling out their Oscar ballot, you’re entered for a chance at one of two prizes based on the submissions that are most accurate once the award winners have been announced. The Grand Prize wins a year-long subscription to MoviePass and the runner-up wins a six-month subscription.

So far, as a new MoviePass member, my experience has been extremely satisfying. Think about what it costs to see a movie. Obviously, cinema admission varies by location but I know my local Regal is up to $11.50 for a night time show. As someone who generally sees at least one movie a week (often two), the math wasn’t difficult. MoviePass doesn’t have blackout dates—even opening night is fair game. You can choose any showtime available.

MoviePass app imageI received my MasterCard-branded membership card, embossed with my unique membership number, just days after joining. Keep in mind, an iPhone or Android phone is required in order to utilize the service. Why? Because there’s a MoviePass app that works in conjunction with the card. After downloading and installing the app on my phone, I found navigation easy. I set my location and was browsing theaters and showtimes almost immediately. After ordering a ticket via the app, the card is then used to “purchase” (i.e. pick up) the ticket at the theater.

Again, I’m brand new to the service but excited to continue using it—and excited to help other movie fans learn about the service. I plan to update with any additional info as I have further experiences, but for right now I suggest checking out the MoviePass site for yourself. The “Oscars With MoviePass” contest will run until February 28, 2016 (the official rules are available to view here).

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