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'The Lego Movie' is a blast for children and adults alike and pairing it with the flawless execution of the SKIT! app takes the enjoyment of this content to a whole new level.

Movie/App Review: ‘The Lego Movie’ and the SKIT! App

More and more these days we are seeing increasingly clever ways to generate buzz for upcoming movies and entertainment projects. The more unique the film, the more unique they can get with their marketing tie-ins. So when a movie like The Lego Movie comes along, the doors are completely wide open, and confidently striding through comes the SKIT! app. Let’s hit the movie first and slide smoothly into how SKIT! is taking full advantage of it.

the lego movie

When I first read the news that a full-length Lego movie was being developed I must admit to a sharp moment of utter creative dismay. It is historically rare that movies based off toys or board games translate into anything close to worthwhile films (Clue is a standout example of the rare success story).

When The Lego Movie was released, immediately I knew I would be proven wrong. The critics and audience alike came out with whoops and hollers about the fantastic mix of childlike and adult humor. The animation itself is stunning and worthy of numerous accolades because it held true to the Lego look and feel while incorporating a bevy of inside jokes about the legendary toys.

The inclusion of characters like 80’s-Style Astronaut and his retro-looking spaceship pieces were a particular highlight for me.

All the incredibly talented voice actors fit like a glove and this only continued the meteoric rise of Chris Pratt, who delivered the voice of the humble, heroic and hilarious Emmet Brickowski.

Now the Blu-Ray and DVD is coming out and Warner Brothers found a fun and impressive way to bring the audience a step inside the fantasy world of animation.

skit app lego movie

The SKIT! app is a jovial jaunt through mini-movie scene directing, following the trend of Vine and Snapchat, except this is mostly animation. I use the word “mostly” because you can import photos of yourself and your friends, crop the heads and attach them to cartoon bodies. Then you drop them into any number of scenes and let your imagination run the show.

SKIT! is also a family-friendly app with an age gate in the beginning when you first sign up, so you can feel safe letting your kids wander around in the SKIT! community, watching and laughing at the growing number of scenes out there. Also, there are no paid add-ons. That’s right, no paid add-ons. Gone are those days of checking out your credit card bill and finding your darling child has downloaded $1,100 in random app content.

Beyond creating your own fantastic scenes, one of the core tenets of SKIT! is the ability to remix other people’s work. If you’re strolling through the community videos and find one that you think is funny, but you would have done it slightly differently, now you can actually make that change! You just hit the remix button and all the elements of that other person’s scene will drop into your app and you can change any detail you want. It’s rather like getting a Photoshop file from someone with all the layers split out instead of one single image.

Just in time for the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Lego Movie, SKIT! is adding all new themed content from the movie. You can import certain characters from the movie, props, backgrounds and other elements. For those kids who saw the film and loved it, this app is only going to make them even more happy. It’s like they get to live in the Lego world for an instant of wonderment.

The Lego Movie is a blast for children and adults alike and pairing it with the flawless execution of the SKIT! app takes the enjoyment of this content to a whole new level.

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