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Look Up is an eco-documentary that explores the controversial GeoEngineering practices used to deal with global warming.

Movie Review: ‘Look Up’ – Award-Winning Eco-Documentary

GeoEngineering climate modification and weather modification through stratospheric aerosol spraying via jets.
GeoEngineering climate modification and weather modification through stratospheric aerosol spraying via jets. Look Up, an environmental documentary.

Look Up is an initiative-based environmental documentary, which won the Hamptons Film Festival 2013 AFI World Peace Best Environmental Short Film. It also won the 2013 Action On Film Festival’s Best Documentary Short award, and the 2013 International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality. These are three of the six festival awards won by Look Up.

The documentary is unique and important in that it discloses the government’s covert use of deadly and dangerous GeoEngineering practices, which attempt to reduce global warming. GeoEngineering is the artificial modification of the Earth’s climate systems through Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). The documentary provides scientific commentary about the toxic effects of such  programs on human life and their increasing negative impact on eco-systems and weather patterns. Look Up promotes grass roots activism and inspires public awareness through the integration of a mobile app and social media. You not only become informed during the film, with the APP you can become an active participant in petitioning Congress and Senators to “out” the covert activities and stop the poisoning of our air, water and soil through SRM interventions.

The film is narrated by William Baldwin. In it, Look Up Director George Barnes cobbles together interviews with Obama’s Science Adviser, John Holdren, former Florida Speaker of the House Tom Gustafson, and others including pilots,scientists, researchers and climatologists. These individuals discuss the government’s covert GeoEngineering program of Solar Radiation Management (SMR) to create the dimming of the sun’s rays with a blanketing cloud cover. How is this cover effected? Through Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying, and Chemtrailing. Chemtrailing is the public’s term for the Classified ongoing artificial modification of the Earth’s climate and weather systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. They are dispersed daily.

Global warming’s effects on the planet have catastrophic potential. However, the interventions government administrations have (and are) covertly employing globally are even more disastrous, according to scientists interviewed in the film.

Indeed, the effects caused by the spraying may even exacerbate global warming. In the documentary, scientists discuss how GeoEngineering through the dispersal of nano particulates of aluminum, barium oxide and other toxic chemicals and metals are directly related to ozone depletion and the extremes of weather manipulation the planet has been experiencing. With the aerosol dispersal, for example, comes aluminum contamination in the soil, water and air. Aluminum and other chemical toxins have been implicated in autism, early onset Alzheimer’s, ALS, bird and fish kills, bee depopulation, Vitamin D deficiencies and increases in cancer rates. Additionally, there have been recorded higher incidence of breathing problems created by the particulate matter in the air, and increased incidents of asthma attacks. Facts related to mortality are given in the documentary.

SkyderALERT Mobile App to petition Congress and the Senate. Look Up, the environmental documentary.
SkyderALERT Mobile App to petition Congress and the Senate. Look Up, the environmental documentary.

The filmmakers also note that Monsanto, which has fought assiduously to avoid labeling the genetically modified ingredients in its food products, recently bought Climate Corp for around $1 billion. They suggest that Monsanto, a corporation using bioengineering in an effort to gain a monopoly over seeds and agricultural production, should be regulated with regard to getting into the weather business. Filmmakers reference Monsanto since the company has a long track record in fighting regulation. Monsanto is widely known for soliciting the help of members of Congress and the Senate to support their endeavors to remain beyond government regulation requiring labeling their food products as GMO (genetically modified).

The film intimates that this new endeavor of Monsanto’s does not bode well for those attempting to ensure regulation of GeoEngineering which already is a covert practice. The director of the film implies if Monsanto is in the business of weather and climate manipulation, and it is covert, once again the company will be beyond control and accountability to the American public. One of the points of the film is that certain companies are profiting from GeoEngineering, to the detriment of the world population and the Earth itself. The implication is that Monsanto is eager to join the gravy train especially if it will not be held accountable for its actions by government regulation.

Look Up posits that the damage created by the toxic chemicals and metal particles to the atmosphere and the earth, water and soil where the substances eventually fall is not worth the risk, especially when the ultimate outcome is uncertain and the conditions they are attempting to neutralize, they may actually be exacerbating. Global warming must be abated but at what peril to us? Do we have a say or a choice about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat? Not if there is no public discourse or scientific discourse that is out in the open. Not if what is being done to our planet is clandestine and illegal. Not if profits come before people and environmental groups are rendered powerless to protest.

That is why Barnes and filmmakers have created the film and the App, to create a social initiative to raise awareness and encourage the public’s discourse about GeoEngineering. If Congress and the Senate do not know what American’s think or feel, then the situation will continue and may even grow worse.

You can see the film and order it on Skyderalert

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Informational sites include GeoEngineering Watch

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