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Borat staves off execution by making the funniest film of the year.

Movie Review: Borat – Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Borat follows the exploits of Kazakhstan reporter Borat Sagdiyev as he travels America to make a documentary. In tow, is producer Azamat Bagatov who tries to keep the project on budget. If the film isn’t a success, then they will both be executed, which is a likely scenario as Borat sidetracks the project when he wants to travel to California to meet and marry the typical American woman, Pamela Anderson.

The film is hysterical and one of the funniest comedies I have seen in years. I categorize it as Jackass Comedy. Just as the guys from Jackass are willing to sacrifice themselves for their “art,” Cohen and company sacrifice themselves for their comedy. After witnessing the rodeo sequence, the reports about almost nearly being attacked and needing an escort out of a Virginia rodeo for their safety are absolutely believable.

Unlike people like Tom Green, who act outrageous for its own sake, the true brilliance of Borat lies in its social commentary underneath. When he first arrives in New York, he pleasures himself outside a Victoria’s Secret window. It’s very crude, but what else is the purpose of scantily clad, gorgeous women other than to create arousal?

Much like the work of radio show personality Phil Hendrie, Borat pushes boundaries and deals in taboo areas to get people to let their guard down and reveal their true selves. Borat is anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and bigoted, but displays a naiveté that gains people’s trust. Even though they know they are on camera, it’s amazing to hear what comes out of the mouths of some of the participants when they feel they are with someone of a like mind. They have no problem revealing their animosity and hostility toward gays, women, and minorities.

That’s not to say the comedy is all highbrow material. There is plenty of juvenile, gross-out humor as well. The wildest scene in the movie, and the one that had the entire audience roaring with laughter for quite a while, is a fight Borat and Azmat get into. It has to seen to be believed and will leave a lasting impression.

The less you hear about Borat, the better the experience will be; so gather a bunch of friends and go see it before everyone is talking about it.

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