Monday , April 22 2024
Lies, I tell you, it's all lies. That, and rum.

Monday Night TV: It’s All Lies

Let’s discuss lies, shall we.

Working backwards, it was a huge issue on The Black Donnellys last night, in fact, it was such an issue that the episode was entitled “Lies.” I wonder though if they’re headed entirely too close to a St. Elsewhere-type ending. The narrator, Joey Ice Cream, was referred to, by his lawyer, as a “pathological liar” last night, as he’s relating the story to us, and maybe none of it’s true. We don’t know why Joey Ice Cream is in jail, and he certainly paints himself to be nothing more than a small-time hood. Perhaps he’s truly the mastermind beyond the goings-on and he’s just pinning everything on those nice Donnelly boys. No? Is that not possible? 

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the series, and think Joey Ice Cream’s character is great, but I’m hugely worried that I’m going to get invested in this drama for several seasons (but only if more people start to watch) only to find out later that it’s all one big lie told by Joey Ice Cream and that everything I’ve come to hold dear means nothing. 

Then there was 24. And boy oh boy am I tired of that show lying to me. If Nadia is the mole inside CTU, I’ll eat my hat. And, not just any hat, but my “Bermuda Dark and Stormy” hat that I had to drink my way through Hamilton and other parts of that wonderful, wonderful island to obtain. But that story didn’t end there, I then had to talk to several very nice people at the Goslings store in order to explain how I deserved my hat. The fact that I was probably slurring my words must have indicated that I’d done the required level of drinking even if it made me less persuasive in my verbal argument to obtain the hat (and diploma). I’ll tell you though, the people in that country are fantastically nice and accommodating, and I’m sure they would have been even if I wasn’t madly in love with their rum (which is head and shoulders above all other rums, let me tell you, some Goslings and a Barritt’s ginger beer and you are good to go). Suffice to say, it may be a little foolish to call the producers of 24 liars, because we’re all well aware that Nadia isn’t the mole despite the fact that they tried to convince us last night that she was. I might even argue that the producers are only lying to us if Nadia is in fact the mole. This is, of course, just one more reason why the show hasn’t been terribly strong this year; they recycle the same plot over and over and over and over. 

Lastly, and certainly not leastly, How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’t say that the show has been lying to us, but they have been manipulative. Seriously. They have us all happy and rooting for Robin and Ted even though we know that Robin and Ted aren’t going to make it, and then all of the sudden last night, we were rooting for Robin and Ted to not move in together. Craziness. The show last night started the long, slow move towards them just being friends and Ted getting on to meeting his future children’s mother. And, they did it without distressing the audience. They made it natural and perfect and great. It’s another reason why the show is simply fantastic and why you border on being a bad person for not watching. 

Seriously. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.

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