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Modern Day Honeymooners: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Truly, if they were any cuter we would have to eat them.

I can’t tell you why (though I will try), but I find the public display of new love between poptart Jessica Simpson, and her boyband singing husband (formerly of 98 Degrees) Nick Lachey both deeply amusing and inexplicably sweet.

The MTV generated TV show, The Newlyweds: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey is designed to chronicle the ups and downs of being a newly married couple, fabulously beautiful, moderately famous, comfortably rich and struggling for even greater success in entertainment industry.

Surprisingly, it works. But the reason it works is because of the nature of the relationship between the 30 year-old Lachey, and the 24 year-old Simpson. The two have known each other over four years and dated exclusively (except for five months while Jessica sowed some oats) for over three years. Hey, that’s a lifetime in Hollywood. Their love is sweet, honest, natural and REALLY quite hilarious at times. They manage this all in front of a camera crew.

Nick Lachey is a nice wholesome boy from Kentucky, and Jessica is a down home girl from Texas. Jessica is Lucy and Nick is Desi. Always the straight man to her comical “ignorance” he somehow manages to make her seem even dumber than she actually is. But in a nice sweet way.

Their on camera chemistry makes you feel comfortable with her foibles because you just KNOW he loves her in spite of her clearly challenged knowledge of how the world works. Only a man who loved someone beyond their looks could get over this hurdle and for that I applaud him.

For all the attention Jessica gets for being “dumb” she is also lots of really great things. She is a dutiful wife, who really loves her husband and tells him often and shows it in a normal and pleasant way, you know, by showing up at video shoots where scantily clad women will be present, just to make sure he feels really uncomfortable and behaves himself. Her breasts, which are stunning, are also real. LISTEN UP BRITNEY AND CHRISTINA. She is genuinely sweet and thoughtful and most often her first thoughts (which she hasn’t quite managed to filter) are good-hearted and full of naive kindness.

They are both really polite to strangers and never seem to come off as stars, but merely really attractive people with money. Nick is a tightwad and Jessica spends money like water – you know, like most couples. And boy do they argue about it. Hey, if I came home with two bras and two panties and spent $750.00 on them, you best believe that I’d have some ‘splaining to do.

Jessica’s two latest singles are “Sweetest Sin” – a song about, you guessed it, losing her virginity to her husband – awwww, how sweet, and “With You“, a catchy little, pop tune about life with, you guessed it, Nick. I like both, not because I like that kind of crappy music, but Jessica has a beautiful, unaffected voice. Both natural and sweet, kind of like her.

Nick’s singles, “Shut Up” a smartassed, half pop/half R&B song is pretty tuneful, but the cheesy, “This I Swear” is supery dupery annoying. I will say this, he also has a really nice singing voice, it’s not unlike a Justin Timberlake, more manly, less ripping on Michael Jackson. Advice to Nick: Dump the boyband image and go rock, it will work for you and suit those tattoos you love to show off.

For as much flak as these two hotties get, they have a genuine love between them and I find their behind the scenes life pretty fascinating.

I can’t wait to start watching the creepy love of: Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave

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