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Midpoint Music Festival

For our friends in the Cincy area:

    Midpoint Music Festival

    September 25-28
    Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

    Free Concert on Fountain Square
    Wednesday, September 25
    11:30 – 1:30

    Free CD Release party at Jefferson Hall
    Wednesday, September 25, 8 p.m.
    featuring: Blue Karma, Outrageous Orange, The Katie Todd Band


    150 bands, 13 venues, 1 music industry conference, 1 reason: Midpoint Music Festival. Starting with a free lunchtime concert on Fountain Square on Wednesday, September 25, the first annual Midpoint Music Festival will bring 150 local, national and international bands to Cincinnati. Bands of all genres – pop, rock, folk, jazz, hiphop, r&b, soul – will perform at venues in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. TANK shuttles will be available to transport concertgoers between cities for just 50 cents per ride.

    Another key part of Midpoint Music Festival is a two-day industry conference, featuring a keynote presentation by Pat Dinizio. Check out our A&R and industry panelists here.

    Be sure to listen to WNKU, 89.7 FM, on Friday, September 27 for a special lunchtime performance from Americana band Messerly & Ewing. Also tune into WEBN 102.7 FM for live coverage of the free concert on Fountain Square, Wednesday September 25 11:30 – 1, and instudio performances from Midpoint artists at 8 p.m. on September 19, 23, 24 and 25.

    The bands performing include headliners Ass Ponys and Elf Power, plus:
    1/2 MAD POET (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Abiyah (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Annette Shepherd (Newport, KY, USA)

    Anonymous Bosch (West Chester, OH, USA)

    Another Engine (Mineola, NY, USA)

    Baby Jane Hudson (Dallas, TX, USA)

    Bagg (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Balsa Gliders (Washington , DC, USA)

    Blaq Lily (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

    Blue Karma (Dayton, OH, US)

    Boyce’s Road (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Bromwell-Diehl Band (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Buckra (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Burn (Florence, Ky., Boone)

    Cameron Meshell (Shreveport, LA, USA)

    Chris Collier with Full Band (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Chris Dunnett (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Christene LeDoux (San Francisco, CA, USA)

    Citizens Band (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

    Clabbergirl (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    clayhenry (los angeles, ca, usa)

    Connor OBrien (Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA)

    Crosley (Milford, OH, US)

    Culture Queer (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

    Das Phrogge (Staten Island , New York, USA)

    deceiving ralph (crescent springs, kentucky, usa)

    discohesive (Seattle, Wa, USA)

    Dophesus (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Dream Out Loud (Rex, GA, USA)

    Dress Code (Dayton, Ohio, USA)

    drift (Lawrenceburg, IN, USA)

    Driver X (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

    DW Project (Dayton, OH, USA)

    EARL (St. Louis, MO, USA)

    Echo Park (Ft Mitchell, KY, USA)

    Element i (Newport , KY, USA)

    ellen cherry (Baltimore, MD, USA)

    Elliott Ruther (Cincinnati, OH, US)

    Ether Net (Cleveland, OH, USA)

    Fairmount Girls (Cincinnati, OH, US)

    Fenster (Columbus, OH, US)

    Final Exit (Indian Springs, OH, US)

    fire the saddle (louisville, ky, usa)

    Fizzgig (Harrison, OH, USA)

    Genuine Son (Kettering, OH, USA)

    grandfabric (philadelphia, pa, usa)


    Green Theory (Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A.)

    Greg Mahan’s Indestructible Band (Middletown, OH, USA)

    Hoodwink (Maineville, OH, USA)

    Imaginary bill (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

    Jason Ludwig (Cincinnati, OH, US)

    Jay Clark and the Jones (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Jen Porter (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Jenny Whiteley (Toronto, ON, Canada)

    Jettison Red (St. Clair Shores, MI, USA)

    Jim Volk (Columbus, OH, USA)

    Katie Todd Band (Chicago, IL, USA)

    L&J (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Leah Zicari (Webster, NY, USA)

    Len’s Lounge (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Leviride (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Loretta (indianapolis, IN, USA)

    Lori Wyatt (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Madd Scientists (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    mallory (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Marianne Hyatt (London, UK)

    Me or the Moon (Covington, KY, USA)

    Messerly and Ewing ( Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Michael Jantz (Westlake, OH, USA)

    Mike Landis (Cincinnati, OH, US)

    Miranda Sound (Columbus, OH, USA)

    Moaning Lisa (Kansas City, MO, USA)

    Morals Galore (Bellevue, KY, US)

    NOISECAT (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Oat Soda (Saint Louis, MO, USA)

    Odd Man Out (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    OKTBRWRLD (Lanham, MD, USA)

    Only Everything (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

    Outrageous Orange (Columbus, OH, US)

    Paging Raymond (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

    Philosopher’s Stone (Union, KY, USA)

    Pike 27 (Newport, KY, USA)

    Planet 12 (Athens, OH, USA)

    Premium (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

    Promenade (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Readymaid (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Ripley Caine (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Rockets To Mars (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Ryan Adcock (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Saving Ray (Maineville, OH, USA)

    scott howard (yonkers, new york, usa)

    search for george (Sioux Falls, SD, USA)

    Semi-Automatic (Hamilton, OH, USA)

    Semisextile (Galloway, OH, United States)

    Seth Alder Project (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Shawna Snyder (cincinnati, oh, us)

    Shelley Miller (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Silence (Thornton, CO, usa)

    Sindust (Polk, OH, US)

    Sistern (Newport, KY, USA)

    Skiptrace (Paradise, CA, USA)

    Slitheryn (Chicago, IL, US)

    Somnia (St. Louis, MO, USA)

    SOUND team (Austin, TX, USA)

    Sparechange DoubleZero (North Canton, OH, USA)

    Spindle (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Stacie Collins (Nashville, TN, USA)

    Stapletons (The) (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Starch Martins (Chicago, IL, USA)

    Stonewater (Park Hills, KY, USA)

    Sugar Pill (Columbus, OH, USA)

    Tenki (Chicago, IL, USA)

    The Beethoven Frieze (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    The Cole Brothers (Cincinnati, OH, US)

    The Common (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

    the eventide (stamford, CT, USA)

    The Everyday Heroes (Sunbury, OH, USA)

    the Jeremy Richter Effort (Galloway, Ohio, USA)

    the Killer Angels (Monrovia, CA, USA)

    The Lash (Lansing, MI, USA)

    the Letdowns (Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.)

    The Lucky DEvils (Brooklyn, New York, usa)

    The Miniatures (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

    The Mystery Addicts (Dayton, OH, USA)

    the possibilities (athens, ga, usa)

    The Rude Mechanicals (Toronto, ON, Canada)

    The Shazam (Nashville, TN, US)

    The Sign-Offs (Bay Village, OH, USA)

    The Stepford Five (Worthington, Ohio, USA)

    The Swarthy Band (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    the Tigerlilies (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    The Vincents (Columbus, OH, USA)

    the Wind-up Merchants (Denver, Colorado, USA)

    The Wrenfields (Dearborn, Michigan, USA)


    Tommy D. (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.)

    Tonefarmer (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

    Twin Cam (Westerville, OH, USA)

    Underwoods (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    Uptown Sinclair (Cleveland, OH, US)

    Venus Mission (Cinci, OH, USA)

    vinyl dies (Kettering, OH , USA)

    Wussy (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

    X-Rated Cowboys (Westerville, OH, USA)

    Youngfellow (Mason, OH, USA)


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