Saturday , February 24 2024
Today I find myself in a jam that not even Toodles can help with.

Mickey Mouse And My Monday Night Conundrum

As I was sitting there this morning watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (oh, come on, you know you watch, don't pretend like you don't), I thought to myself — gee, you sure do watch a lot of television, more than anyone else I know. And, quite frankly, I'm a little worried about what's going to happen to me this fall, at least on Monday nights. I'll be going through my full viewing schedule at some point in the future, but it was my fear of Monday nights that stopped me from truly enjoying Mickey fishing for gummy fish for Goofy's cat this morning, so that's what's on my mind.

Bare minimum, bare minimum, I think I’m looking at four and a half hours of television on Monday nights this fall. That's right, no less than four and a half hours of TV on Monday nights. There's Chuck, there's Heroes, there's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, How I Met Your Mother, and Boston Legal. Oh sure, if I didn't have to write about any of it, I could do that much; it's not always easy, but I could. But, I have to write about at least some of it. There are going to be things there that make me stop and think. There are going to be things there that beg to be written up. Plus, there are going to be the fools who don't realize that Chuck, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, How I Met Your Mother, and Boston Legal are on and dare call me, which is not cool.

Then, there's the real problem — there are three different shows on during the 8pm hour. Three! I'm going to have to put both TiVos to use and have to suffer through, probably, Chuck, in standard definition instead of HD. Oh sure, you think you have a hard life, now you understand what having a hard life is all about.

I can watch some stuff on Tuesday I guess (right now I'm thinking only House and Fringe will be on my Tuesday night schedule), but that would put me 24 hours behind everyone else. Twenty-four hours!

Speaking of, I should point out that nothing will get better when 24 starts in January, because Dollhouse starts up too, and I have to tune in for at least the first few weeks of that. Boston Legal will be finished as will Terminator, but, as you see, I've already added in other shows to fill that lack of time.

Plus, I don't want to see Boston Legal go. I like Boston Legal, and thinking that it's the show's final season and that they're only going to do 13 episodes anyway kind of bums me out. I like my Denny Crane. Alan Shore is good too, but I like Denny more.

Well, golly, at least Mickey doesn't have a primetime show on Monday nights, because then I'd really be in a bind. I love that little mouse. Plus, I know all the words to the "Mousekedoer Song," which I would sing for you now, except that this isn't so much a podcast as a written piece and there could be the risk of copyright infringement anyway if I sang it (and the inevitable butchering of the melody).

Oh, Mickey… I'll never forget that it all started with a mouse.

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