Friday , September 29 2023
Okay, I know everyone on both sides might start screaming.

Mets-Yanks Could Pull Off A Blockbuster Trade

I don’t think it will ever happen, but I am throwing out a suggestion for the blockbuster trade of all trades between the Mets and (yes, I still hate them) Yankees.

Okay, I know everyone on both sides might start screaming. Why? Because it requires both teams to have vision and for GMs Brian Cashman and Omar Minaya to foresee a Mets-Yanks repeat of the 2000 Subway Series. Yes, I think if this trade is made that could be a distinct possibility.

So, what is the trade of which I speak. Here it goes:

The Mets send to the Yanks:

-Jose Reyes (I’m sorry, he’s the centerpiece)
-Kris Benson (wife Anna needs to stay in the Big Apple for her, uh, career)
-Aaron Heilman (I know he’s great, but he’s key to this deal too)
-Lastings Milledge (yes, he’s the future, but we’re worried about now).

The Yanks send to the Mets (drum roll, please):

-Alex Rodriguez (yes, I know he was MVP)

How does this trade benefit both teams? The Yanks get Reyes (both to lead off and take over shortstop). Jeter has to even admit Reyes is better defensively. What goes around comes around: Jeter gives up short for the team he loves and moves to third (like Alex did once upon a time). They need starting pitching, and Benson is a solid pitcher (although he might not trust Anna around Derek). They get Heilman to replace Tom Gordon or as another starter(Heilman’s become a great pitcher), and they get the future centerfielder they most desperately crave (anyone going to miss Bubba Crosby?).

Looks like a winner for the Yanks, but it gets even better for the Mets. They get Rodriguez (as they should have years ago). He switches back to short (where he belongs anyway). He hits 45+ homers and drives in 120+. Beltran gets to lead off (he will remind everyone of a young Bobby Bonds hitting homers and stealing bases). Can you imagine this lineup:

Beltran, CF
Matsui, 2B (he really is better than he seems; really!)
Wright, 3B
Rodriguez, SS
Delgado, 1B
Floyd, LF
Nady, RF
Lo Duca, C
Martinez, P

Ladies and gentleman, that’s a playoff bound team. The best part is that the Mets could forget about Manny Ramirez (because he is too costly to get). Rodriguez will finally get that World Series ring, and Shea would be the place for him to do it.

Okay, so the deal will never happen. It’s nice to dream anyway. I think Steinbrenner would be afraid to let Rodriguez cross over to Flushing, but if he took the chance, perhaps he’d be getting the next Mickey Mantle (in Lastings) and another Scooter in Reyes, who will steal more bases in his sleep than Tony Womack could awake.

Take the chance, George. Pick up the phone and start dialing: 7-1-8….

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