Tuesday , May 21 2024
Miller? Check. Woodward? Did 'im. OK, it's Robert Novak's turn.

Media Reality Check: Novak Quits

Robert Novak has quit CNN after working there for 25 years.

I will write more about Novak and fellow Plamegate-involved journalists Judith Miller and Bob Woodward later in the month for an end-of-the-year media-analysis piece.

Speaking of which, Jay Rosen has a good blog piece about Woodward, taking him to task and rightly so.

But for now I wanted to share two bits of news:

1) Yes, you can now turn to CNN again without having to encounter the hot air coming from blowhards like Novak. Well, it would be even better if they got rid of Larry King and all of his softball questions, but one thing at a time, right?

This was CNN’s statement about Novak leaving the channel:

After 25 years of serving as a CNN commentator and program host, our colleague Bob Novak’s tenure on the network will come to a close (effective 12/31). Through the years, Bob has offered incisive analysis for much of CNN’s programming, including Crossfire, The Capital Gang, Inside Politics, Evans and Novak, The Novak Zone, and Novak, Hunt and Shields. Bob has also been a valued contributor to CNN’s political coverage. We appreciate his many contributions and wish him well in future endeavors,” said Jon Klein, president of CNN/US.

“Incisive”? More like “predictable hot air.” I’m just happy he’s leaving.

2) Earlier in the week, Novak was in the news for saying that President Bush knows perfectly well who leaked Valerie Plame’s identity

As usual, that just begged the question: Well, who is it? Why can’t you tell us, Bob? His usual explanation is that his lawyer has told him not to comment on the case, but when he selectively comments, he screws that up.

So, yes, Viriginia, there is a Santa Claus! I – along with Jay Rosen – and other media analysts have been railing for months about how Novak’s behavior and actions are inexcusable and he should giving answers to the important questions being asked of him. I wrote a letter to him here, and linked to the video clip which probably hastened his departure from CNN: That would be when he stormed off the set when he got angry.

Good bye and good riddance, Bob. Now if only we can get newspapers to stop running your worthless column too.

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