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Maryland Governor’s Wife Wants to Shoot Britney Spears

Oh wait – just kidding:

    The wife of Gov. Robert Ehrlich made an “inadvertent figure of speech” when she said she would shoot pop singer Britney Spears if she had the chance, the first lady’s spokeswoman said Tuesday.

    While speaking at a domestic violence conference at Hood College in Frederick, Kendal Ehrlich said it is important for women to get as much education as possible to avoid becoming dependent on anyone else.

    “It is incredibly important to get that message to young women. You know, really, if I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would,” Ehrlich said Friday.

    Her spokeswoman, Meghann Siwinski, said Ehrlich is a working mother raising a young son and she made an inadvertent comment while expressing her concerns about the influence of pop culture on children. [AP]

She would only “inadvertently” shoot poor little Britney, whose crime is trying to be all sexy and stuff.

Honestly, I don’t find Britney all that sexy – when I look at her I still see a little girl trying to look grown up. But that isn’t the point and I’m weird like that. Is Britney a good role model for girls? Not especially, but I wasn’t aware she was trying to be. At least she’s successful, not a single mother, and in control of her own destiny, and the fact that she was very reluctant to admit a physical relationship with Justin, with whom she was “in love,” would seem to indicate where her values lie.

I think what all this means is that Britney is no longer a person, she is a symbol, and that is very sad for her.

Meanwhile, some people like Britney a little too much:

    A Japanese businessman who has allegedly been stalking Britney Spears for more than a year was ordered Tuesday to stay at least 300 yards from the goldilocked chanteuse, and not to contact her for three years.

    The princess of pop had already been granted a temporary restraining order against Masahiko Shizawa. However, after reviewing some choice Shizawa sentiments towards Spears–such as “you are now living inside my head,” and “there remains serious personal issues to be resolved”–Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan B. Haber decided to make the order permanent.

    Spears’ attorney, Steve Cochran called Shizawa “obsessed,” and quoted from one of the man’s letters: “I will definitely see you again at any cost, and I hope that your bodyguard doesn’t prevent me from catching you this time.” [E! online]

Maybe the governor’s wife should shoot Shizawa instead.

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