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Anna convinces Eli to have surgery, Kate helps Sonny out of a jam then offers some advice, and Sam and Jason call it quits.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam and Jason Call It Quits

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Alexis arrived at Sonny's just moments before the head of a school for gifted children came to interview them regarding Kristina. I'm not quite sure why she waited till the very last minute to fill Sonny in, but of course, they were interrupted several times with important business matters, which horrified the head of admissions. Thank goodness Kate showed up just in time to sweet talk and finesse the man into allowing Kristina entrance. Sonny tried to pay her back by offering to take her to dinner, but Kate declined.

Armed with all the dirt Amelia spilled on him, Nikolas went to offer his help and support to his cousin Sam – the one you would never know he had unless she's in a whole bunch of trouble. Sam assured Nikolas she had it all under control and was sending him on his way, when Amelia showed up to harass her some more. Sam had to put an end to Amelia's fun though, when she got the call that she was able to go visit Jason at Pentonville. (The Jackal is triumphant once again.).

Eli continued to protest having the surgery that could save his life until Anna gave an emotional plea telling him what he had to live to for, and how selfish he was being by giving up so easily. He finally agreed to the surgery, on the condition that Anna made sure Noah 'rocks the house' in his place. When Noah learned of the good news, a panic attack set in, but Anna assured him they had two weeks to prepare for the concert, but reminded him that he had to attend the cocktail dinner in a few days. Not to worry, he won't have to sing there, but she asked if he could hold his liquor – Eli Love is a heavy drinker – not knowing that Noah Drake is a recovering alcoholic.

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

When Lulu didn't come home a worried Edward and Monica finally turned to Tracy to help locate her, which she did — with Scott's help — in Logan's apartment. The two drug a mortified Lulu away telling Logan to stay away from her. Determined not let the Quartermaine's tell her what to do, however, Lulu slipped out the first chance she got and returned to Logan's apartment, jumping into his arms. While Lulu was away, Ric stopped by just to make sure he had Logan roped in and provide him with the name of the snitch so he could get back into Sonny's good graces.

Both Alexis and Carly were worried about why they hadn't heard from Jax, and became even more concerned when Nikolas informed them Jax had been in Russia interfering with his business. The two women reluctantly agreed to join forces for the greater good – Jax's safe return.

Sam's visit with Jason turned explosive when she admitted she had watched Jake being kidnapped, but put partial blame at Jason's feet for not telling her the truth about the baby to begin with. She accused him of never putting her above Sonny, Carly or her kids and now refused to stand by and watch Elizabeth and Jake be two more people that he put first. Jason was completely fine with the fact their relationship was over, but when she said she was going to tell Lucky the truth about Jake's paternity he threatened to expose her as an accomplice to kidnapping if she did.

Elizabeth resisted going to the park with Lucky and the kids, but gave in when he pressed. Once there, however, she was faced with the horrendous memories of the day Jake was kidnapped. Lucky stood by and supported her, getting her through the rough patch and the family was able to enjoy their afternoon.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Even though Sam had called it quits on Wednesday's show, we still had to endure at least another twenty minutes of her belittling poor Jason, who could do nothing but sit there and take it because he was handcuffed to the table. Once she finally did leave she bee lined it for the park where she confronted Liz and Lucky, telling Lucky he will one day find out just how many lies his wife has told him.

I guess Lucky saw a bit too much of himself in Sam because he ran off and called in some favors, getting Liz permission to visit Jason anytime she wanted, saying he didn't want to become a bitter as Sam. Liz reaffirmed her commitment to her family and her love for her husband, though you could still tell she was happy to hear Jason and Sam were over.

Sonny walked into his office to find Spinelli with his laptop linked to Sonny's computer. With a little pressure he discovered the young man had been moving funds and lost his temper. He was in the process of strong-arming Spinelli out of computer when Kate walked in giving Spin his out.

Once alone, Kate informed Sonny she had secured a position for him on the Art Museum's board, the catch is it comes when Sonny makes a half a million dollar donation. When Sonny dismisses the idea, Kate told him he owes it to his sons and Kristina to bring culture into their lives and give them a step up in the right direction.

Logan and Lulu grew closer, as Coop ran into an old war-buddy, Cody. Looks familiar? He should. He's the drug-seeking vet we were introduced to on last week's General Hospital: The Night Shift. Cody confided in Cooper he has nightmares and can't get past what Logan did when they were in Iraq, and Cooper encourages him to just try and get past it. At episode's end he was seen lurking around Logan's apartment door.

  • Don't forget to check out General Hospital: The Night Shift tonight at 11:00 pm on Soapnet. If you do miss it, the episode will repeat several times through the weekend and into next week, so check the Soapnet website for times.

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