Friday , May 24 2024
Sonny comforts Kate, Carly and Sam fight (as usual), and Anna tries to turn a doctor into a rock star.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Creating A Rock Star 101

On Monday's General Hospital:

Carly had a very busy day. She once again dropped by Jason's penthouse, walked in without knocking, and found Sam arguing with Jerry. She told the two of them they deserved each other, and after Jerry left she told Sam once again that she and Jason were so over. Sam accused Carly of just being jealous she would never be more than Jason's friend, but her cage was obviously rattled. When Spinelli showed up at the apartment she apologized for her previous behavior, came clean about her involvement in Jake's kidnapping, and asked him to get her in to see Jason. He reluctantly agreed.

Don't tell me Sam really believes there is anything she can say to Jason that will compensate for what she has done. Jason and Sam are so over. The downside is we're going to be moving on to Jason and Liz. I guess it could be worse – it could be a Jason and Carly pairing.

When confronted by Lucky, who blatantly asked Liz, "Do you love Jason?" she denied it, or at least qualified it as in "the same way you love Emily." How long is this woman going to keep lying to her husband and then wonder why they are fighting all the time? Later, after a quiet family evening, Liz told Lucky their family life is what she's always wanted. I believe she means that. She does know the family she has with Lucky is much safer than her life would be with Jason, but for crying out loud, the secrets need to come out.

Sonny tries to put Kate at ease by telling her he's convinced Amelia not to come forward with her identity, but warns that the truth will eventually catch up with her. She confides in Sonny, through a heart-wrenching story from the past, that she regrets the choices she made and the sacrifices for her career, but insists it's too late to turn back now. Their tender moment – and near kiss – is interrupted by Milo and Max with 'business' reminding Kate just how dangerous Sonny's life is as she leaves.

I know I'm in a minority, but this story continues to intrigue me. I like seeing the softer side of Sonny and Kate seems to be an interesting personality for him to be tangled with. I'm just hoping Carly doesn't mess this one up.

Much to Robin's dismay, Anna took on the challenge of converting Dr. Noah Drake to Eli Love, rock star. Getting him into Love's clothes was the easy part; the strut and the guitar playing – much harder. After watching Noah attempt to play the guitar, Patrick admitted they may need a back-up plan, to which Noah insisted it was something he could do and stated he would not let Patrick down again.

I just kept waiting for Love to come back from his tests and have a stroke when he saw what a hard time Noah was having. Hughes and Springfield are playing off each other beautifully and the total shock and dismay Patrick and Robin have watching their parents interact has been priceless. The rest of this week should be fun as we build up toward the Lifebeat benefit.

As Lulu tended to Logan's gunshot wound, he pressured her as to why. She (eventually) admitted that there are moments when she sees something very likable in him. Also, while sharing a car from the airport, Amelia and Nikolas have a heart to heart. (Boy this chick will spill her guts to anyone who will listen now, won't she.) Amelia tells Nikolas Sam will only have herself to blame if her world crashes in on her. Nikolas vows to protect his family.

News and What's Next:

  • According to Broadcasting Cable, General Hospital: Night Shift broke all sorts of ratings records over at Soapnet. The GH spin-off was seen by the most viewers in the network's history, both in total viewers and its target market (woman 19-49). The question is will they all keep coming back?
  • On Tuesday's show: Nikolas offers his help to Sam. Alexis is nearly hurt by Sonny's past, Anna convinces Eli to undergo surgery.

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