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Robin and Patrick are defiant while Stan tries to sabotage his date with Lainey. The police and mob clash.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Burgers, Beer, and Bullets

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Sam planned to put an end to the harassment from his mother about dating Lainey by sabotaging their first date by setting it on the roof in the scorching heat and serving beer and burgers. Lainey was up for the challenge, taking everything Stan threw at her, and confronting him over his unwillingness to give her a chance. It wasn't all that long ago Lainey was as disinterested in Stan as he was in her. Is all it took for her to change her tune was for him to be vocal about not thinking they were a good fit?

Patrick and Robin defiantly went against Dr. Ford and operated on an indigent patient (without health insurance) instead of sending him to County. Ford warned they will be punished for the infraction this time. General Hospital: Night Shift premieres on Soapnet tonight at 11:00 pm. where Patrick and Robin are both 'sentenced' to work the ER's night shift for three months for going against hospital policy.

Carly called out Alexis, almost daring her to just ask Jerry out instead of pining for him. I have a feeling there's much more to Carly pushing these two together than was apparent. Later, Ric called Alexis and Jerry to his office to discuss the case, where Jerry slipped he was more than willing to go on the date Carly had suggested – sending Ric off in a tizzy. As Alexis bitingly pointed out to her ex, it wouldn't be the first time she's dated a psychopath.

A conflicted Cooper warned Sonny that Ric was well aware of the shipment he's landing and that he has been ordered to stop it and bust any officers that appear to be working for him. When asked what he should do, Sonny told Cooper that if Ric trusts him, he's his most valuable asset and he should do everything he's ordered to do. Logan, on the other hand was given no warning, and Sonny told Max, "if he's lost in the cross-fire, oh well." (So much for Logan being a valuable asset.) As expected, gunfire broke out when police clashed with Sonny's men. When pushed, Cooper shot at Logan at episode's end.

On Thursday's GH:

  • Sonny clashes with Carly. Maxie and Lulu go round and round. Robin and Patrick are moved to the Emergency Room's night shift for three months.

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