Tuesday , May 28 2024
Amelia tightens her grip on Sam, Carly sees Jason, Eli collapses.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Cornered, Eli Collapses

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Unaware that Cooper is actually a plant in the police department by Sonny, Ric continued to pressure him to act as a liaison between the Police Department and the District Attorney's office, saying the bad blood between him and Mac and the corruption in the department makes it impossible for him to do his job. His first request was to stop a shipment Sonny plans to land the following night. This would be the same shipment that Sonny put Logan in charge of — the 'business' Logan needs to take care of before he can meet a hesitant Lulu for their date.

As I said yesterday, I really don't suspect this to come off any different than any other mob conflict. I'm sure bullets will be flying all over the place — will Cooper be forced to shoot his best friend, or visa versa? I don’t see Logan having any problem shooting to wound Cooper; I'm not sure about Cooper though.

So, it was Jason's old marriage certificate to Brenda that Carly was after at the penthouse. It was her ticket in to see Jason where she did her usual whining and crying, twisted slightly with the 'oh by the way, Sam is out of control.' Jason warned her to stay away from Sam and Jerry, and even (somehow!) managed to get himself a phone call to Sonny to warn him Carly is warming up to Jerry in hopes of using him to get Jason released.

Maxie showed up at the penthouse with a delivery of clothing for Everyday Heroes. Sam decided to open up to her somewhat friend and was spilling all her troubles. I was just waiting for her to spill that Jake was not Lucky's but Jason's. That certainly would have blown the secret sky high. Maxie would have wasted no time getting over to the hospital to call Liz out.

Fortunately, Amelia showed up to strong-arm Sam some more. She threatened to expose all of Sam's dirty deeds and Sam was doing a pretty good job of calling her bluff, until Carly showed up to return the marriage certificate. When Amelia threatened to tell Carly about Jake's kidnapping, Sam folded and agreed to show up for work the next day.

Back at work, Liz gave Lainey the cold shoulder, telling her she didn't know if she could ever forgive her for thinking she could have harmed her own son – postpartum depression or not. Lainey tried to explain that it wasn't so much an accusation as an attempt to clear her so the police could move on. Liz didn't care what the motives were, she was unable to forgive.

Also short on forgiveness was Robin, who questioned Lucky's motives for arresting the man who saved his child. Lucky tried to explain, but Robin wasn't hearing any of it. Patrick, however, did overhear the conversation and questioned Robin about her concern for Jason. It looks like a bit of a love triangle is being set up between Patrick, Robin, and Jason, especially if the promos for Night Shift are any clue.

Patrick was drawn into Eli Love's room by the sounds of him serenading a fan. (Okay, so when did he get a guitar in the hospital?) When Patrick again insisted the singer needed surgery, the fan went into a tirade about how she'd spent two days in line and $600 on the ticket for the show and she had better see Eli Love perform. Patrick asked if it would be worth her money to see him stroke out on stage.

Getting nowhere with Love, Patrick turned back to his father, asking Noah again to consider filling in at the concert so his patient would agree to surgery. Protesting that he couldn't carry a tune if it had handles, he did seem a bit swayed when Patrick asked if he had ever had the 'rock star fantasy.' Later Noah showed up in Eli's room and after both agreed they were equally weirded out by the other, Noah reluctantly agreed he would step in if it would mean Eli would have the much needed surgery. The mere suggestion sent Eli into a rampage, and he insisted he was leaving the hospital. Jumping out of bed, he tried to pull out his own IV when he collapsed.

On Wednesday's GH:

  • Sonny gambles, Cooper is tested, and Ric warns Alexis about Jerry.

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