Tuesday , May 21 2024
Carly tears into Liz and Lucky, Sonny gives Sam what-for, and Love refuses to let Patrick operate on his brain.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Carly and Sonny Lash Out; Love Refuses Surgery

On Monday's General Hospital:

Carly pulled out all the low and nasty blows in her fight with Elizabeth, hitting more sore spots than she even knew and almost pushing her to spill Jason is Jake's father. When Lucky showed up at the house, Carly turned her scathing anger on him, and Liz jumped to his defense, but when they were alone she admitted she only did it because he was her husband and she will never understand why he arrested Jason.

Across town Sonny was giving it to Sam with both barrels, belittling her for keeping it secret that Maureen had kidnapped the baby. Sam turned it all back at him, telling him she would not stand in judgment of the "almighty three" (meaning Sonny, Carly, and Jason). While it's been something Sonny's needed to hear for a long time, the impact seemed lessened by the fact that Sam's actions were inexcusable. I get that she was hurting over Jason's secret pain, his unwillingness to share with her, and the loss of her own child. I also get that grief will cause you to do things you wouldn't normally do – but this wasn't played as grief, it was played as Sam being vengeful (and drunk) so she has little room for sanctimonious declarations.

No sooner did Sam get home when Carly showed up at the penthouse acting like she owned the place. When Sam tried to toss her out, they got into it. I think we got a sneak-peak at what's to come when Carly said if Jason was forced to choose between them, Sam would lose. I don't even think it will come to Jason having to choose, it's only a short matter of time before the end of Jason and Sam is official.

Ric used the information in Logan's dishonorable discharge to strong-arm him into being his informant in Sonny's operation – though we never learned what big and bad thing Logan did. Ric also tapped Cooper as his man to head up the ongoing Jason Morgan investigation, not knowing that Coop is Sonny's informant. Sonny, not knowing about Ric's blackmail, put Logan in charge of a 'valuable shipment'. This twisted web is bound to have explosive results, or if GH's mob stories stay true-to-form, I'm guessing shoot-'em-up results.

Eli Love proved to be just as stubborn as his look-alike Dr. Noah Drake, and had just about as much tolerance for Patrick's large ego. When Patrick tried to bully Love into have the surgery on his embolism, Love turned to Robin and asked if they "had any nice doctors" infuriating Patrick. Robin pointed out that Love's resemblance – both in physical form and attitude – was bringing back memories of Noah's past medical crisis and staged an intervention with Patrick and Noah, hoping the two would be able to call a truce allowing Patrick to find some objectivity with Eli.

While Patrick half-heartedly apologizing to his father, and Noah was accepted it in the spirit it was intended (yeah – little ground covered there) Eli was trying to leave the hospital. It's a good thing Epiphany was there to drag him back to his bed. For the first time we saw a personality difference between Noah and Eli, as the rock-star was dressed in jeans and form fitting t-shirt, showing off his tattoo and wearing an earring, completely different attire than the respectable neurosurgeon.

Patrick again emphasized the need for Eli to have surgery; Eli refused saying he would not miss the benefit concert for the pediatric AIDS foundation. Patrick called Noah to Love's room and suggested Eli have the surgery and let Noah stand in for him at the concert; neither seemed too willing to agree.

As fun as the lighthearted story has been to follow, the real joy has been watching the character development put into Noah Drake. In the many scenes over the past week plus, we've seen Noah develop a personality, as well as a real backbone with Patrick. I hope we continue to see Noah in this light long after Eli Love has checked out of General Hospital

On Tuesday's GH:

  • Jason has a word of warning for Carly, Amelia threatens Sam (again!), and Robin gives Lucky a piece of her mind for arresting Jason.

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