Wednesday , February 28 2024
Sonny catches Sam in a lie, Dillon says a tearful goodbye to family and friends, and Patrick and Noah argue (what else?).

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Goodbye Dillon, Sam Caught in Lie

On Friday's General Hospital:

Amelia, who's out to see Sam suffer as much as possible, was all too happy to tell Sonny Sam witnessed Jake's kidnapping and did nothing. Sonny called Sam over to find out the truth and, in the end, caught her in a big fat lie when she denied knowing anything about it. Now that Sonny knows for sure Sam's been up to no good, I look for him to come at her with all kinds of vengeance.

After threatening to go public with how Ric had held her captive in the panic room oh so long ago if he didn't allow her to go visit Jason, Carly went to Liz to ask her to bear witness. Liz didn't see what brining the past up would do, informing Carly that Lucky says the evidence against Jason is huge and most likely going to stick. You can just imagine how well she took that. When Carly backed her up against the wall, Liz nearly spilled the paternity secret. Not that it's much of a secret. I think Carly and Lucky are the only two who don't know the truth.

After Lulu told Dillon they didn't have a future (so he would accept the job offer in LA) they shared a tearful goodbye, as he did with the rest of the Quartermaines – even Skye was allowed in the house to say goodbye. In the last minutes, Tracy came bursting into the mansion, having broke out of Shadybrook, donning a blond wig and wearing a blue bathrobe, to try one more time to convince him not to leave. I will miss Scott Clifton, and wish him well in the future.

Noah and Patrick did what they do best – argue. This time over which of them was better suited to treat Eli Love, the '80s rock star brought in with an embolism. As other doctors pointed out, for Noah it would be like operating on himself and as Robin pointed out, for Patrick it would be like operating on his father. Noah is still dismayed that anyone thinks he looks anything like the rock-star, while Eli is "totally freaked out" by "the doctor who looks just like me." I'd really like to see Noah and Patrick come together with some sort of understanding and work together, and hope that with all the attention he's getting for being a look-alike to Love, Noah remembers what a lady's man he used to be. It'd be very nice to see a romantic storyline for the senior Dr. Drake.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Anna Devane is a huge Eli Love fan? She will arrive in Port Charles for the benefit concert in time to find out that he has been hospitalized and will not be able to perform. She makes it her goal to get Noah to step in for the ailing rock star.
  • But how can she make it to town for a concert, but not have been around when Jerry was shooting Robin during the Metro Court crisis? Those questions will be addressed in the few short weeks Hughes is back on GH.
  • When Spinelli's grandmother dies, he learns he has family ties to Port Charles.
  • Thursday at 11:00 pm the Soapnet original series General Hospital: Night Shift will kick off its thirteen week run. Look for Thursday's episode to lead into the prime time show (Robin and Patrick are 'sentenced' to three months in the ER on the night shift for operating on a patient without health insurance by Dr. Ford) but from that point on, the episodic spin-off is said to not have intersecting plotlines with its daytime counterpart. It is being described as an edgier, sexier medical drama.

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