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Jason brings Jake home but is sent to prison anyway; Noah continues to be grumpy over the look-alike rock star Eli Love.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason Jailed, Love Look-Alike

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

When Logan was brought in for drunk and disorderly conduct, Scott wanted him arrested but Coop intervened telling Mac he will take him home and sober him up. At Kelly’s, Logan surprised both Coop and Maxie when he divulged the secret Scott is his father. Later, when Logan was alone with Maxie, he kissed her.

Up until the last week or so we’ve seen the ultra-tough and hard Logan, but with the revel that he and his mother were abandoned by Scott, we’re seeing the much wounded side of the man. He is showing vulnerability and depth, and I’m a happier viewer to see a more three-dimensional side to the character. I think it will only get better the more we did into Logan’s past as he and Lulu bond in the upcoming weeks.

Lucky, extremely jealous it was Jason who once again saved the day for Liz, immediately had him arrested for jumping bail. Liz called him out on in, telling him he’s being petty and short sighted, but later told the infant she once again cradled in her arms that she will forgive Lucky so that everything Jason sacrificed was not done in vein. (Yeah. I don’t see that lasting. Lucky and Liz are just about as broken as Sam and Jason. Just wait until Lucky finds out Jake isn’t his.)

Almost as irrational as Lucky, Scott insists that Jason be transferred to Pentonville immediately. Sonny and Carly both get their chances to say goodbye to Jason, who asks each of them for favors. He asks Sonny to take care of Liz and his baby while keeping his secret and asks Carly to keep herself safe from Jerry and keep a protective eye on Spinelli.

Don’t expect Jason to be gone all that long. Steve Burton is taking a ten day vacation. I’m guessing there will be a huge break in the Lorenzo murder case in about a week.

While all this was going on, Amelia toyed with Sam. Eventually, she informed him that Jason knew she had watched Maureen snatch the baby and did nothing. Panic-stricken, Sam tried to track down Jason at Liz’s where she learned he had been arrested. She missed her chance to say good-bye to Jason and was told by Carly he won’t be allowed visitors at Pentonville.

The slow destruction of Sam continues on. I think her over-used insinuation she and Jason “are not connecting anymore” is finally an understatement. Face Sam, you two are done.

Noah continued to combat the very idea he looked anything like 80’s heartthrob and rock star Eli Love, though even Patrick had to admit the resemblance was uncanny. After getting tickets to the show for her and Patrick from a scalper, Robin told Noah he should flattered to be compared to the handsome Love. Noah flippant stated he worked too hard to make something of himself to be compared to someone who basically ran away with the circus, drawing a scathing slap-down from Epiphany who later explained to the Drakes, Robin, and Doctor Julian how she had been touched (it was hinted in the biblical sense) by a musician when she was fourteen and how she would defend the profession and those who achieved success in it forever.

Though the story is a bit contrived (no one has noticed the resemblance before now) it has been lighthearted fun — a no harm, no foul look at the way some view the rock world and how others (teen aged girls especially) are effected by it. It did seem we were getting another sneak-peak look at your core Night Shift cast in the scene toward the end of the episode when Epiphany shared her story, with the exception of Springfield who hasn’t appeared on any cast-list I’ve seen so far. I for one am looking forward to the spin-off centered on Robin and Patrick, and the new Doctor Julian will be a fun addition to the cast.

On the Fourth of July Episode:

Look for Carly and her boys to celebrate the holiday with Jerry, of all people, first by boating and then watching fireworks from the Metro Court terrace. Also Patrick and Robin will make some fireworks of their own on the hospital roof-top.

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