Sunday , December 3 2023
Jason returns Jake to Eliaabeth's arms, Noah's fellow doctors are wondering if he has a twin.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jake is Home

On Monday’s General Hospital:

Armed with hope and what Amelia heard in the background when she talked to Maureen, Jason and she jumped in the car and headed to her place, hoping to find Jake. As they crossed the county line, Amelia warned him he was officially jumping bail on a murder charge, but he didn’t care. His only thought was brining his son home to Elizabeth.

Once they arrived, it didn’t take too long for Maureen to break down in tears and admit to taking the baby. Her excuse was the grief and guilt over loosing her own baby in the fire; She apologized for causing the baby’s parents a moment’s pain. Amelia found the baby in the bedroom and put him in Jason’s arms. As Maureen watched Jason with Jake, she assumed he was the father and that Sam had told him where to find the baby. She said, “Sam saw me take him. I kept waiting for her to stop me.”

Back in Port Charles, Sam was questioning Alexis what her culpability would be if she witnessed a crime and didn’t report it. Alexis assumed she had witnessed Alcazar’s murder and implored her to tell the police what she knew. Sam assured her mother Jason keeps his business separate than their personal life, but admitted she had paid a price for loving him.

When Jason and Amelia returned to town, Amelia went to tell Sam that Jake had been found and Jason knew what Sam was hiding, while Jason took Jake back to Elizabeth. As Liz held the child close and thanked Jason over and over, Lucky arrived home.

I think Jason and Sam are finally going to be over. Jason’s forgiven (or tried to forgive) a lot. He got past that whole sleeping with Ric thing, but allowing a woman to kidnap his son and not do anything about it, and to further compound it by not coming clean when she was asked point blank what she was hiding, has got to be the final nail in the coffin. Not too mention Lucky is not going to be all that happy about being outdone again by Jason. I look for this couple to implode.

Jerry and Carly rehashed the Metro Court hostage crisis while locked in the hotel’s boiler room. Of course, their two versions of the event didn’t quite match, and Jerry insisted he did what he had to in order to control the hostages. Carly wasn’t buying his story until after he fell asleep and she witnessed him tossing and turning from a nightmare. He awoke crying out for the lover he had told Carly he had been forced to watch die.

I know what they are trying to do here, soften Jerry and make him wounded by his past, so we, the viewers, can forgive his deeds and he can be redeemed. It’s a mighty big task but if anyone is up to it, it would be Sebastian Roché.

As Noah tried to have his usual spats with Patrick and tend to his patients, he was met with annoying and obsessive stares from his fellow doctor’s and nurses, much to his, Patrick’s and Robin’s dismay. Dr. Julian (soon to be seen on the Night Shift) even asked Robin if Dr. Drake Sr. had a brother. When Noah pushed the subject Dr. Julian asked if he listened to 80’s rock. When Noah asked why Epiphany held up a copy of the day’s newspaper with an article about rock star Eli Love who would be kicking off his new tour in Port Charles, the photo in the paper showed he was a dead-ringer for Noah Drake.

These scenes were well played and very amusing, and I can’t wait to see how they play out. Yes, a bit odd that people start turning their head a year and a half after Dr. Drake returned to Port Charles, but maybe Eli Love has been out of circulation for a while. They did make the point of saying “80s Rock Star.” This storyline has been toted as fun-filled summer fare and should be a rocking good time to watch.

A Sneak Peat at Tuesday’s General Hospital

  • Upset that Jason was the one to save Jake instead of him, Lucky immediately arrests Jason for jumping bail. Kate overhears Sonny vow to Carly that he will protect her and his sons from Jerry. Scott threatens to have a drunk Logan arrested, Cooper intervenes.

A Sneak Peak at the Night Shift:

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