Friday , June 14 2024
Jerry's back in town, Sam holds something important back.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jerry Lurks, Sam Has Something to Hide (Plus Spoilers)

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Carly lost it when she found Jerry in her living room with Michael and Morgan. After sending the boys upstairs, she got Jerry to admit that he sent Jax on a wild goose chase so that he could put an end to the family discord between him, her, and Sonny. Of course, instead of handling it on her own, Carly called Jason.

Jason had been trying to convince Sam to tell him what she was hiding and what she knew about Jake's disappearance when Jason received Carly's call. Sam tried to get him to stay, telling him the time had come and he had to chose between her and Carly. Jason left distressing Sam even more.

Hearing of Jerry's return, Sonny had him brought into his office where he roughed him up and threatened to do much worse if he didn't stay away from his family. What he didn't know was Kate was watching from the hall. Tell me again why Sonny has all those guards if anyone can come and go as they please?

After getting nowhere fast with Tracy, Scott tried to strong arm Sonny, thinking maybe Luke called in a favor to get Laura out of town. Sonny denied he knew anything, which I believe is true, but even if he did I doubt Sonny would share.

Seeing the information in Tracy's file on Scott, Lulu follows a hunch and has Spinelli do a background check on Logan. He verified the truth; Logan is Scott's son.

On Friday's General Hospital:

When they were locked in the boiler room of the Metro Court together, Carly certainly noticed how good Jason looked, especially when he took his shirt off. Are they really going to try another go with these two?

Lucky and Elizabeth asked Amelia and Sam if they could make a plea to the kidnappers on Everyday Heroes. Amelia agreed immediately, but Sam outright refused. She tried to explain it by telling Elizabeth that the only thing Amelia cared about was her ratings, and she would use anyone's pain to do so. Liz, of course didn't care what Amelia's motives were if it brought her son back.

Not knowing where else to turn, Liz went to Jason hoping he could convince Sam to change her mind, of course this only raised more suspicions that she was somehow responsible for the kidnapping. Jason went to Amelia who confided that when she had called Maureen, the guest who had lost her baby in a fire, she had heard a baby crying in the background. As they headed off to confront Maureen, Sam went home and crawled into a bottle. While drinking, she remembered seeing Maureen taking the child from the stroller in the park.

I look for the baby to come home early this week and the whole paternity issue to blow sky high later in the week.

Kate called Carly to her house to warn her just how dangerous Sonny was, and was shocked when Carly was cavalier about it. Carly warned her she saw was only a taste of how ugly Sonny's business could get and if she couldn't stomach it she should leave. Kate was on the phone with her real estate agent trying to do just that when Sonny showed up. After hearing she wanted as far away from his as possible, Sonny challenged that her desire for him was too strong.

Carly was getting a bit too much pleasure from Kate becoming disenchanted for Sonny, especially for someone who supposedly happy in their new marriage. Of course, she was earlier in the hour checking out Jason's hot bod. I hope Kate sticks around to see what kind of sparks she can ignite with Sonny.

When confronted by Lulu, Logan, and Tracy, Scott denies ever having a son and threatened he would have Logan arrested if he got involved in Tracy's scam. The pain on Logan's face at the denial was heartwrenching. It looks like GH has snatched themselves another great young actor!

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Maxie finds out the Scott – Logan connection, and maybe Ric can see it too as he starts digging around in Logan's past.
  • Carly's going to have a busy week, both trying to stop Jerry from embezzlement and trying to get Liz to help her blackmail Ric. Liz? Blackmail? It is for Jason, so maybe she will.
  • Dillon (and Scott Clifton) says goodbye this week when he heads to Hollywood to pursue a career in film.
  • Noah finds out he has a look-a-like in rock star Eli Love. (Rick Springfield launches a second character on the soap this week.)

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