Friday , February 23 2024
Spinelli helps Luke and Lulu locate Laura. Amelia comes clean with Sonny about Sam.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Plots and Schemes (And Spoilers)

On Friday's General Hospital:

Angry and hurt, Sam confronted Jason asking why he didn't call to let her know he was arrested, but when Ric let himself into the briefing room to taunt them, they put up a united front. It would seem a front is all it will be, however. Jason's heart is with his son, and to a certain extent, Liz. Jason's secret coupled with her new found fame is expanding the divide between them.

When Sonny happened across Amelia's ever-thickening file of Sam's dirty deeds, she came completely clean, warning Sonny that Jason is probably just another target on the con woman's list of marks. Sonny immediately took the information to Jason, who was a lot less suspicious of Sam. He insisted she's changed, but later called Amelia and asked her to visit him at the jail.

It looks like we're seeing the beginning of the end of Sam and Jason. Whether Kelly Monaco is taking her leave, something that has come up several times with the actress, or the writers are just looking to switch things up a bit, remains to be seen.

Lucky apologized to Elizabeth for getting angry about her visiting Jason, but no return apology from the woman for spending time with the mob hit man instead of being in court with Lucky and his family. With each passing day, it seems, Liz is getting more and more selfish and hypocritical. She wants Lucky raising her children because he is stable and safe, but Jason always takes priority. It's getting harder and harder to understand and sympathize with her.

When Jax introduced Kate to Alexis, the two found common ground in their deep-seated dislike for Carly. Playing off each other with wit and charm, I think this is a gal-pal relationship with real potential. As Carly continues to drive Kate nuts, I hope we see her confide in her new friend.

Determined to move forward with his plans to kidnap Laura before Scott can take her away, Luke asks Lulu to enlist Spinelli's help in finding which hospital the court is holding her in. The Jackal is, of course, successful. This story should kick into high gear this coming week.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Having found Laura, Luke allows the kids to say good-bye to their mother before disappearing with her. When Scott finds out, he has Tracy arrested. It is Lulu who bails her out of jail, not her family, prompting Tracy to insist Lulu move back into the Quartermaine mansion.
  • The word is Wally Kurth will be back as Ned for the summer. Is he here to help Tracy with her "ghostly" problem and/or sanity?
  • Jason finally comes clean about his secret pain to Sonny, who advises him to fight for his parental role with his son. Jason believes Sam is not the person she was, until Amelia confides Sam has known the truth about Jake for weeks now.
  • Things will heat up between Patrick and Robin in July. When their parents try to lend a helping hand, will things heat up between Noah and Anna too?

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