Wednesday , February 21 2024
Lulu fights back. Maxie schemes to hang on to her man.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Summer Sparks Ignited

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

At the end of Monday's show Logan forced himself on Lulu. Tuesday's opened up with Lulu pushing him away, breaking a bottle and lunging at Logan. When Logan still pushed forward, it was Coop to the rescue. He stormed into the coffee shop and pulled Logan back with the telling line, "This isn't Iraq. You can't treat women like that." I wonder if we'll be getting more of that back-story.

Later, when Maxie saw Cooper and Lulu sharing coffee and conversation, she became livid, and went to Logan and asked him to seduce Lulu so she'll stay away from Cooper. Logan suggested he would need to be paid for his efforts, saying "The day after I get Lulu in bed, I get you." Viewers shouldn't be surprised that Maxie agreed to the deal. This is, after all, the same woman who supplied Lucky with drugs all last summer to keep him in her bed.

Lucky and Elizabeth continued to argue about Jason. Lucky insisted he was doing his job, Liz insisted he should have found someone else to do it for him. Lucky called her out on her reasons for even being in a mob hangout to begin with. (She said it was for the coffee. Why doesn't anyone go to Kelly's for coffee anymore?) When Liz informed "Jason can hold Jacob anytime he wants to," Lucky stormed out. Not that I blame him – what police officer would want a mob hit man to have complete and total access to his family, even if said hit man has saved said wife and kid several times?

Emily showed up and acted as Elizabeth's conscious yet again. She told her not to stay with Lucky out of pity or obligation, and Liz seemed to be put back on track to what's important. She set up a romantic dinner, Lucky came home with flowers, mushy apologies from both parties and Liz gushed, "You're my hero." Yeah, right, Liz just until the next time you see Jason.

Carly went out of her mind with worry over Jason. Her concern turned to anger at Sonny, intensified when he seemed more concerned with getting Kate off than helping Jason. Sonny assured her he had control of Jason's situation, and advised her to go home to her husband, which sent her off in about four different shades of green.

Even though Sonny was able to convince Ric to let Kate go, he wasn't even compensated with a "thank-you" from high-and-mighty Ms. Howard. He was only met with more threats about her centaur statue. I'm still enjoying Sonny playing his cat and mouse games with Kate/Connie, but I have a feeling the more Carly gets jealous involved the less fun it will be to watch.

Lady Jane tried to talk to Jerry but when she asked him to leave his brother out of any future schemes, Jerry went all "You always loved Jax best" on her. Back and forth they went until Jane was forced to use language one might not consider very lady-like. Shortly after she left, while Jerry continued packing to leave town, two large beasts of men broke their way into his hotel room and began shooting up the place. In the most Bond-like moves yet, Jerry threw a chair out the window, and then jumped out himself.

Now, this is what I'm wondering. A – was his hotel room on the first or second floor, or B – did he have a parachute on under his coat? The way this played out was so unbelievable, it actually had me laughing. What's next is so easily predictable. Jax comes into room, sees it's been shot up, and immediately leaves town to save Jerry despite warnings and pleas from Carly and Lady Jane. Have a nice vacation, Ingo Rademacher.

On Wednesday's GH: The judge hands down his decision about Laura's guardianship. Georgie and Lulu make nice. Jax and Carly argue (I suspect over Jerry.)

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