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Lulu's left devastated by the truth; Sam wishes Jason would come clean.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Havoc and Heartbreak

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Lulu walked into the courtroom just in time for Scott to back Nikolas into a corner and make him testify about Laura's rape. Luke was the only one to look more devastated by it than Lulu. She fled the courtroom and Nikolas punched out Scott, probably not all that bright of a mood considering he's trying to show good judgment and retain guardianship of his mother.

As family members looked for Lulu, to explain and comfort, she went to Jason's looking for Spinelli, who seems to be the one she can always turn to. In his absence, she talked it all over with Jason, who has a surprisingly good rapport with the teen set. Still distraught and confused she ran to her favorite quiet place on the river, where Luke eventually found her.

As is common-place when Geary and Berman share the screen, the scene was magnificently played. Luke reached out for his daughter and she pulled away, both shattered and scared; it was enough to pull at my heart strings. The downside is, of course, cue Geary's vacation time. Luke will run and we will miss out on seeing these two work through the issues.

Jerry made it clear to fellow characters and viewers alike he's a psychopath who thoroughly enjoys the havoc he creates. He reveled in pushing each and every one of Carly's buttons and telling Jax his need for survival could easily outweigh family loyalty. Later Alexis told Jax she saw redeeming qualities in Jerry when he helped her when she was ill. Jerry, on the other hand, shared the memory of the moment he went from testing the boundaries of the law to downright ruthlessness. He betrayed a coconspirator and lover and had to watch her die.

The main problem I had with this being offered up as the "horrible incident that changed him" was in his description he showed shades of the same monster he is now. It doesn't make it a 'turning point' if it was already there within him. I love watching Sebastian Roche, but the story TPTB have him feeding us is awful hard to swallow.

When Liz fled the park upon seeing Jason and Sam, Jason accused her Sam of planning the encounter. After whining about it all to Amelia Sam renewed her resolve to have Jason's child with him.

Looks like Ric is going to get his way. He tried to act surprised when Mac played the contents of the digital recorder, implicating Jason. Ric ordered an arrest warrant. How much you want to bet it's going to be Lucky asked to arrest him?

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Luke did his best to explain to Lulu what happened between he and Laura in the disco in 1979. As someone who was a faithful viewer back when this story first aired and watched through the original resolution, I have to say the retelling was poignant and came from a believable point of view, know doubt because of Geary's acting expertise. The telling was understandably difficult for Lulu to hear and she also hashed through her emotions with Carly and Elizabeth before landing on Spinelli's shoulder where all she wanted was silent support that he graciously and happily gave.

Later Luke ran into Scott at the Metro-court and was amazingly restrained as he told his long-time foe that he owed him a debt of gratitude. He said with the admission, the painful piece of history would never again be able to harm him or anyone he cared about.

While Jason and Sam fought about whether or not they should have a child, via a surrogate, Sonny was bribing Spinelli with Scotch and putting pressure on him to spill Jason's "secret pain." Jason showed up in just in time to diffuse the situation and explain it away to Sonny, saying he and Sam had been arguing a lot lately.

I just wish Jason would fill Sam and Sonny in so we can get on with the fight for custody already.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Getting sick of the "secret pain" story? It will be blown apart when baby Jake is kidnapped – sometime in mid-June. (Yes, that means a couple more weeks of muddling through.)
  • The Soapnet spinoff of General Hospital will premiere on the cable network on July 12. It is currently slated for a 13 week run, and will center on the hospital after-hours. Fan favorites Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Robin Scorpio will be the on-duty doctors with several other characters doing double duty. The first episode is said to bring Spinelli into the emergency room in need of medical care.
  • On Friday's GH: Ric threatens Jax about the Craig/Jerry situation, Kate and Sonny go round and round again, and Sam continues to scheme.

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