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Jake's paternity and Luke's and Laura's past are at the forefront.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Secret Pain and Ancient Actions

On Monday's General Hospital:

Carly was dragged away from her mini cat-fight with Kate by a call alerting her that Jerry was out in the open at the Metro Court drawing all kinds of attention. After she left, Sonny was quick to jump to her defense when Kate insisted his ex-wife had no class. Kate countered with another declaration — she and Sonny aren't as different as he'd like to believe.

Backed up against a wall, Nikolas, Emily, Carly, Jax, and Alexis all lied to Mac and Ric. They insisted that Jerry Jacks is not the man formally known as James Craig in order to protect Emily. They are, of course, just as surprised to learn from Ric that PCPD holds DNA of James Craig and say they can clear it all up with one from Jerry. Hmmm… are Port Charles' finest really going to be able to get the bad guys this time? Don't hold your breath, I'm guessing Jerry will pull something totally outrageous and completely unbelievable out of his hat, and probably get away with it.

Elizabeth, once again, asked Jason to keep his word and not tell Sam the truth. She doesn't think Sam will keep it from Lucky, and also believes she will pressure Jason to file for joint custody of Jake – pretty smart for Liz as this is Sam's plan verbatim. Jason insisted he would never put Jake's life at risk or break his word to Liz, but was feeling the pressure. He may have even come clean had Spinelli not burst into the apartment as he was about to spill.

I'm not sure why Sam thinks any court would give parental rights to a known mob enforcer, but there you have it. Her past criminal activity probably wouldn't look all that good on the application either. Spinelli's scenes with Jason after Sam's mini-breakdown were priceless, as usual.

So, is it okay for DAs to break into homes and search for evidence? Sure, Ric hit the jackpot with the mini-digital recorder proving Lorenzo's last words were "Morgan." But how it the world can he use it when he's on the grounds illegally?

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

The goal of the day was to keep Lulu away from the hearing and keep the age-old incident of the rape away from her. Luke, Tracy, and Monica tried to persuade her, and Liz called her to the park to help with the kids. Even Spinelli suggested it might be better for her to stay away, though his motives were geared toward helping Lulu keep secret the truth of Rick Webber's murder. All the pleading fell on deaf ears and Lulu walked into the courtroom in time to hear Nikolas respond to Scott's direct question.

Are we in store for a whole other set of "recycled scripts" where the writer's just make Lucky's dialogue Lulu's? Please – give this plot twist some merit, have something new come of it! But No, Tony Geary leaves for a twelve week vacation the second week of June, so we're going to be treated to more of the same ol' same ol'.

Sonny was livid to find out Jason was using to Spinelli to research business, saying he was volatile and often spoke before he thought, but Jason stood behind "his boy" insisting he was up for the task, even when Sonny questioned him about his "secret pain".

Jason got an easy out and didn't have to answer the question because Sam showed up with a scheme of her own – a picnic in the park. Of course she only wanted to take Jason to the park because she knew Liz and the kids would be there. This is not going to work out like she hopes!

And today we learned how Ric plans to make his evidence admissible. He convinced Skye to file a missing persons report, then used that to obtain a search warrant of the home. Inside he replaced the evidence and allowed the PCPD to find. Sneaky, Ric! Very Sneaky! And sure to backfire.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Scott Clifton (Dillon) says goodbye to his fans on his message board.
  • Tony Geary (Luke) will start a 12 week vacation in June. Next month will also see Ingo Rademacher (Jax) taking a four-week vacation.
  • On Wendsday's GH: Sam is upset as Jason continues to lie, the truth devastates Lulu, and Nikolas attacks Scott.

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