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Lorenzo is gone and all eyes turn to Jason. Jerry decides he no longer wants to hide under the facade of Mr. Craig.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Murder and Deceit (and Spoilers)

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Port Charles residents who are in the know about the true identity of Mr. Craig were all reeling on Thursday's episode. Nikolas tossed him out of Wyndemere, telling him to go sponge off his brother for awhile, while Jason tried to open Jax's eyes as to exactly what Jerry had become. Learning of the poisoning and framing for treason, Jax was even more distraught and felt the need to apologize to both Nikolas and Emily.

Not interested in the apology, Nikolas demanded Jax, at the very least, turn his brother in or, even better, let Jason and Sonny off him. When Jax asked Nikolas to just let his brother be, and promised he would get him to make things right with Emily and leave town, Nikolas went into a rage.

Can't say I blame him. Nikolas has suffered the most in the post-Metro Court terrorizing. He has every reason to want Jerry punished. I'm just wondering if the months of victimization will be bring out a true Cassadine need for revenge; we seemed to be seeing glimpses of it this past week.

It didn't take long for Ric to notice Lorenzo was nowhere to be found, and he was practically drooling at the thought he could actually pin it on Jason. Spinelli didn't handle being questioned by the evil DA with same cool collective nature his admired Stone Cold would have. Thank goodness Sonny showed up and was able to bail him out. Skye also let shades of guilt crack her usually calculated presence when Ric questioned her. Later, she turned to Edward seeking forgiveness and a place in the family; though it obviously pained him, Edward said he could never forgive. Later Monica concurred.

I wonder if as time passes and pain fades if the Qs will welcome Skye back into the fold. If not, I wonder how long it is before we see Skye and Lila Rae exit Port Charles as well.

Scotty showed up at the Quartermaines' to be part of Luke's deposition. It should be no surprise that it ended with Luke punching out Scott. Afraid of the aftermath, Tracy agreed to help Luke kidnap Laura. Imagine their surprise when they found out she had been moved to another facility until after the hearing.

On Friday's General Hospital:

Sam called Elizabeth and Jake to the coffee house to try and convince her to make an appearance on Everyday Heroes and couldn't resist the temptation to get her hands on the baby. When Jason came in to see Sam holding his child it threw him for an obvious loop – all under Sonny's watchful eye. Sonny was already clued in to something going on with Jason when Spinelli referred to his "secret pain" and was now determined to get to the bottom of it. He was almost as determined as Sam was to get Jason to come clean with her. She was hurt yet again when Jason kept the secret. He later told Liz, however, that he had to come clean with Sam.

Just get it all out in the open already! Watching the "secret pain" is getting monotonous and boring. Get the secret out so we can watch the fireworks that are sure to ensue.

Michael and Morgan were caught trespassing on neighbor Kate's property, but of course Carly wasn't so concerned with the fact they were where they didn't belong as she was outraged the foreman of the construction site had yelled at her precious children. Kate showed up at Sonny's and the two women went toe to toe. Sonny showed up just in time to gleefully observe the two women arguing.

Talk about monotonous. Not only are the children once again used to put their parents in a precarious situation, but it's a situation we've watched countless times before — Carly fighting with another woman over Sonny, when she has said she doesn't want him. It's bad enough her marriage is being tested by Jerry, but when jealousy over Sonny's new love life filters in it will surely be the end of Jax and Carly. That didn't last long.

Alexis, Jax and Emily all pleaded with Nikolas to just let Jerry be; Nikolas refused, of course. Jerry unveiled his latest plot, summoning everyone in the know to the Metro Court where he waited for the staff to predictably call the police. When they arrived he feigned innocence and waited for those who wanted Emily protected to affirm James Craig and Jerry Jax were not one in the same, but two different people.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • A "family moment" between Liz, Jason, and Jake will be interrupted when Lucky shows up to arrest Jason under Ric's orders. Yes, once again we will be explicitly shown why Jason's life cannot involve a child. No worries about Stone Cold's incarceration, though. How many times has the PCPD blown a case against him?
  • Nikolas, Carly, Emily, Alexis, and Jax will have no choice but to protect Jerry in order to protect Emily.
  • Though everyone around Lulu tries to shield her from the horrible truth, she will learn of the rape in the court hearing. Surprise – this all happens just before Tony Geary is slated to leave for a 12-week vacation. Predictable storyline, to say the least.
  • Sam decides the only way to hold on to Jason is for the two of them to have a baby of their own, though she still hopes Jason will find the faith in her to confide about Jake.

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