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Carly stays true to Jax, who wants Jerry protected. Skye is forced to prove her loyalty to Lorenzo.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Lines of Loyalty

On Monday's General Hospital:

The secret continued to spread like wildfire that the evil Mr. Craig was actually Jerry Jacks, with Sonny, Alexis, and Jason all learning the truth. Jax pleaded with Sonny (as Carly did the same with Jason) to spare his life, but only one was listening. Although he first told Jax that Jerry should die and he should be the one to kill him, Sonny later told Jason they had to let him go – something Jason was unwilling to even consider. He wants revenge for his father's death.

Best line of the day: Alexis quips to Sonny, "You're one to talk about psycho brothers." How true it is!

Skye didn't react well to Lorenzo's announcement that they were headed to South America. He told her if she ever wanted to see Lila Rae again she would come along, but then one of the government's men showed up to question him about the exploding briefcase. He slipped into brain damaged mode while Skye stepped up as the strong protector. After he left she said she would go with him, but wanted to go out and run a few errands before they left – a very suspicious Lorenzo refused to let her leave.

My guess is we are going to see Sonny's focus shift ever so briefly from Jerry to Lorenzo, especially since the days are ticking on Ted King's contract. I for one will be sad to see him go. The character may be a bad guy and part of the nauseatingly boring mob-related storylines, but the actor has had some bright shining moments and GH is losing a good one.

Noah swooped into the hospital all too briefly to go a couple rounds with Patrick, first chastising the man for the unprofessional behavior of carrying on with Robin at work, and especially in front of Emily. After being brought up to speed with the cover story of Nikolas being sick and Robin treating his illness, he congratulated Emily and prescribed therapy for Patrick. Later he confided in Emily that he is worried that Patrick's and Robin's relationship will not last because he doesn't believe they can commit for the long haul. Robin raised a similar concern when Patrick once again suggested he and Robin move in together. If you missed this argument, it isn't something we haven't seen a dozen times before. As much as I absolutely adore this couple, I can see Robin's point. I'm not in any hurry for them to tie these two together, because as any soap viewer knows, it's the kiss of death to a relationship.

On Tomorrow's Episode:

Jason insists to Sonny he will make Craig/Jerry pay for everything he has done to those he loves; little does he know the man is holding Sam and has a message of his own to deliver.

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