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To what lengths will Jax go to in order to protect Jerry from himself?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – To Protect His Brother and Spoilers

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Jax was bound and determined to get answers from Jerry, but as usual, getting answers out of him was like banging your head against a wall. In what appeared to be a desperate attempt at pushing Jax away, Jerry pulled a gun on his brother, though he later admitted he could never shoot him. TPTB are already putting all kinds of set-up and spin on this to make Jerry the not-so-bad guy and push the blame elsewhere. I'm far from buying it.

In the meantime, Carly agreed to let Sonny take the boys to live with him for their protection, but insisted she would not leave Jax's side. Before leaving, Sonny warned Jax that if Craig showed up, he better die trying to save Carly. I'm not sure why Sonny thinks he's more capable of protecting Carly or the kids. Not only does he have Jerry/Craig after him, but as Skye warned Jason, Alcazar was plotting yet again to off them both. Too bad for Skye, Lorenzo is wise to her betrayal. Lucky for Sonny, Logan is so desperate to start working for him that he staked out Lorenzo's house and was able to save him from an attempted poisoning.

When Maxie caught Coop talking to Craig, he filled her in completely on how he's trapped between two super bad guys. Maxie tried to save him by informing Jason where Craig could be found. Bent on revenge, Jason showed up and a shootout occurred. Of course, Jerry proved too slippery to be caught and made a getaway. In the meantime Cooper tried to leave town for Maxie's protection, but she talked him into staying.

Amelia continued scheming to double-cross Sam, who became over-emotional when she held Elizabeth and Jason's baby.

On Friday's General Hospital:

Carly kept the promise Jax pulled from her and hid what she knows from Sonny. Jax went to Alexis to see if there was anyway he could protect Jerry; of course he spoke in the hypothetical and didn't give enough information for her to connect Jerry Jacks and Mr. Craig, but Alexis warned him to stay clear of his brother or he could be charged as an accessory. With no other options left, Jax went to Sonny, spilled the truth, and asked the other man not to kill his brother. What neither man knew at the time was Spinelli had traced a cell phone call between Lorenzo and Jerry/Craig and guessed he was en route to Carly's. When Jason learned the news he took off to intercept the man whom he holds responsible for his father's death. Imagine his surprise when Carly stepped in front of Craig and informed Jason of his true identity.

Alexis, Tracy, and (a departed) Allen all tried to warn Luke that Scott will be playing dirty in court next week, though Luke didn't want to listen to any of it. I'm guessing it's time for Geary's vacation. Things will explode in court and Luke will run away per usual.

When Skye confronts Lorenzo he tells her he is planning to go to South America and she should come with him if she ever wants to see their daughter again. This sweeps plot line should be coming to its explosive end this next week as well.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Robin doubts her relationship with Patrick. This one doesn't surprise me. With the danger and tension over, Robin will have time to get paranoid all over again. With rumors still flying of a pending "scrubs" baby and nuptials for the couple this summer or fall, let's hope it's short-lived doubts.
  • Jason tells Liz that he intends to come clean with Sam. Will Sam return the favor and come clean about her past? I doubt it. But I do suspect she will pressure Jason to seek custody of Jake.
  • Nikolas kicks Jerry out of Wyndemere and vows revenge. Even if it ends up Emily goes on trial for treason? It will be good to see Nikolas with a spine again though.
  • Kate and Carly fight, to Sonny's delight. Yeah… I called this at least a week ago.

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