Wednesday , May 29 2024
Jason learns his son's name and one brother is devastated by another's actions.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Families Torn Apart

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

While Jax tried to come to terms with the fact it was his brother who tortured many of his friends and blew up his hotel lobby, Carly pushed him to cut Jerry loose or let her tell Jason that Mr. Craig was Jerry Jacks. The more they argued, the more it became obvious to both of them the likelihood of a solution they could both live with was out of the question. It's a little disappointing after the huge build-up to the marriage to be seeing it unravel so very quickly.

Though, Sonny seems to have recovered pretty quickly. Not having to solve all Carly's problems, he and Kate took a stroll down memory lane discussing the different paths their lives had taken. I'm really liking this new old flame and am anxious to see where they take it, though I have a feeling it will be a familiar road once Carly becomes aware someone has turned Sonny's eye.

After taking a drunken Sam home and carrying her upstairs after she passed out, Jason was called upon by Spinelli, who went on and on about how Elizabeth had honored him by giving his son the name Jacob Martin. Not only were they the same initials, but the same number of letters in each name. Pretty sneaky, Liz! Jason didn't know Sam was listening when he once again explained to Spinelli the reasons he had to let his child go, but his explanations seemed to heal something in her, or at least help her reach a level of forgiveness. In the meantime, Amelia took her brand new ammunition against Sam to the hospital, inviting Liz and the baby on an episode of Everyday Heroes for a follow-up about the lives of the hostages since the crisis. Liz quickly declined.

In some beautifully played scenes, Tracy warned Luke if he doesn't drop this quest to fight Scott in court, his daughter will be the one hurt the most. The only complaint I have about this couple is that we don't see nearly enough of them.

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

After waking up with a hang-over, Sam made nice with Jason. So, I guess she understands and forgives the big secret. When Jason asked about the comment she made about whether he wanted to be with a TV star or the mother of her child, she explained it away as being devastated by the fact she can't have kids, something I'm sure hit Jason's newly developed emotions pretty hard. When Sam arrived at the studio only to find out filming had been canceled for the day because of her hangover, she had another heart to heart with Amelia, asking her to keep the secret. At episode's end she went to hospital and got her first good look at Jason's baby, Jake.

Jax continued to fight with Carly over Jerry, that was until Jason showed up and Jerry called Jax to meet him behind the police station. The was only after Jerry had blackmailed Cooper and paid another visit to Lorenzo to tell him that if Sonny and Jason weren't disposed of, he would make sure it was Lorenzo who met an untimely end. Of course, Skye overheard everything and ran off to tell Jason what Lorenzo and Mr. Craig were plotting.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • It looks like the next big explosive plot point will be the rehashing of the infamous rape. As Tracy tried to warn Luke, it will be divulged in the hearing for Laura's guardianship when Scott question's Nikolas about it – with the unknowing Lulu in the courtroom. I've already expressed my dismay about rehashing this same storyline over again. Are they going to dig up the same scripts used when Lucky found out? Here's hoping if they are going to do it, they at least take a new and interesting angle on it.

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