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Sonny comes face to face with a woman from his past while Jason agonizes over his decision to let Lucky be a father to his baby.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Past Choices

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Liz began bleeding out and had to be rushed to surgery. Bobbie was nearby to call in the family. Luke and Carly made their way to the hospital, Luke to stand by his son, and Carly (just home from her honeymoon) to serve as a comfort to Lulu, who was scared that if Liz didn't survive, Jason would take his child, Lucky would spiral downward – you get the picture. The same things Lulu's been worried about since Lucky went into recovery.

She begged Jason to keep the secret no matter what, and then asked Spinelli to convince Jason to keep the secret. Spinelli however, had to follow his own gut and told his friend if Liz died all bets were off and he should claim his son. He also hacked into the hospital computer to put Jason's name on the visitation list for the baby, which allowed him the chance to hold his son again. Later, it appeared as though Jason had made up his mind to tell the truth but when he showed up at the door of Liz's hospital room and saw Lucky holding the baby – he tearfully turned and left.

Jason with the soft and sensitive edges has been a joy to watch. While he's always been a clear thinker with hard and fast lines of what is right and what is wrong, the emotional outpouring since Alan's death and now the birth of his son has given the character a human element and more depth. I'm also enjoying his scenes with Lulu and Spinelli far more than with any of the adult characters. He seems to connect with these two more than Liz, Sam, Sonny and even Carly, even if it's a bit weird to have a mob hit man be a mentor.

Nikolas also went to his brother's side, though he was obviously still feeling pretty lousy. Surprisingly it was Luke who first noticed and showed concern. Both Luke and Lucky insisted he go home and rest and Emily escorted him back to Wyndemere.

After a close call at Carly's Jerry returned to Wyndemere as well, where he insisted Emily, now fully in the know, would accompany him on a road trip where he had to handle a transaction. Nikolas argued, but Jerry pulled the usual 'Emily will cooperate or you will die' card. How many close calls can Craig/Jerry have without getting caught? His time really must be running out.

Patrick and Robin found that duplicating the counter-agent wasn't going to be as easy as they hoped. Noticing Robin was even more distracted than normal, he asked if she was worried about Liz, to which she replied maybe it was the baby that intensified the feelings for her.

I've been waiting for this set-up! This may be the first steps toward a storyline revolving around Patrick and Robin having a little Drake. Dare we hope we may be getting a medical storyline centered on a pregnancy involving an HIV positive mother?

Sonny and Kate Howard (aka Connie) took a walk down memory lane. We learned that she almost ran away with him once upon a time, and when she decided not to was when he got himself in deeper with organized crime. Though she acted as though any feelings she may have had before were long gone, sparks were flying. (Hmm, sparks seem to fly with Sonny and anyone who is not Carly or Emily.)

With her phone call made and a replacement car sent, Kate left the coffee house, but not before running into Carly — literally. After giving her a once over she said, "You must be Carly." (Based on Sonny saying she was hot and dressed that way, I guess.) After a moment's pause, Carly turned to Sonny, said "That was Kate Howard," and went running after her. I wonder if she will be just as impressed when she finds out about her history with Sonny.

On Today's GH

Elizabeth clings to life and Jason wrestles with revealing the truth. Secrets are never kept, we all know this one is going to explode soon. Though I was beginning to feel like this story was dragging, the tension of the last few episodes and the outstanding acting by Steve Burton (Jason) has made the wait worth it.

Ric confronts Jason about Elizabeth. Ric isn't busy enough with being a corrupt DA and taking care of his infant child? He has to poke his nose in on Elizabeth too?

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