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Three lives held in peril and another with a price on his head.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Can They Be Saved and Spoilers

On Friday's General Hospital:

Despite Robin and Patrick's best efforts, Nikolas' health continued to decline. Robin wanted to call and get some help from the CDC, but Patrick stopped her, believing Craig (Jerry) would show up just in time to save Nikolas. On the other hand, Nikolas was pretty sure he was facing the end and made Robin promise they wouldn't keep him alive on machines if there was no hope. They reached a compromise of using a respirator only for as long as they had options. At the end of Friday's episode he had flat-lined.

Patrick was close to right, though. Jerry was speeding toward the hospital to give Nikolas the counter-agent when he was pulled over by Lucky. He tried to keep his face shielded and his voice disguised, while his hand gripped the gun that was between the seats.

By far, this is the storyline that most left me on the edge of my seat. Is Jerry on his way to save Nikolas to try and salvage his relationship with his family or does he truly need Nikolas to move forward with his plan? If he doesn't make it, will Patrick and Robin be able to do anything to save Nikolas on their own?

Jason was supposed to be headed over to kill Lorenzo per Sonny's orders, but for some reason decided to drop in on Liz instead. Good thing he did, because he was able to pick her up and get her and his unborn child to the hospital. A super quick examination in the emergency room and Dr. Kelly was able to tell (simply by laying her hands on her) that the placenta had ruptured and she needed an emergency C-section. Jason watched as the baby was delivered and the nurses immediately began CPR to revive it as Liz also flat-lined and they began using a defibrillator on her.

In the meantime Sam could sense something was very wrong with Jason and held off Amelia, saying she wanted to go to the city in the morning. Amelia was pretty insistent, however; they head out immediately. Sonny passed the time waiting for word that Jason had 'completed the job' by beginning to line up a defense with their attorney, a meeting that was interrupted by a wealthy woman and her assistant. This raises the question why does Sonny even have Milo guarding the door when anyone who wants comes through whenever they want.

Lorenzo had bugged the great room of the house while he was away and was on to the fact that Skye not only doesn't trust him, but wouldn't hesitate to help Sonny and Jason kill him. In retaliation, he 'sent Lila Rae' off to places unknown until the two of them could work out their differences. I only wonder if when Lorenzo comes up dead in the next week or so if Skye will be able to find her daughter.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Jerry arrives just in time to administer the counter-agent, but not before Patrick swipes just enough of it to replicate it, giving him and Robin their own supply. But don't expect that to be the end of Jerry's reign of terror. Word is he will be kidnapping Emily to accompany him on a little road trip.
  • Though they will be able to hide it a little longer, Jason and Liz's secret is about to become known by all. It's also being reported Little Stone Cold will be given the same initials as his daddy.
  • Sam learns Amelia's real identity and drowns her sorrows over Jason and his child, with Lucky at Jake's
  • Alexis begins her fight to win back Molly.

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