Tuesday , May 28 2024
Luke wants to know Lulu and Dillon's secret. and Jerry left Nikolas to die on today's General Hospital.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nikolas Left to Die

Today on General Hospital:

Alan's ghost continued to hang around, advising Tracy on how to handle Luke and his troubles with Scott Baldwin. He believes she should tell Luke that Scott murdered Rick Webber. Tracy believes, like Lulu, the information would destroy Luke. While everyone else was discussing, Luke was plotting and asked Tracy to pose as Laura so he could move her out of Shadybrook and to a secret location (which she refused to do unless Nikolas loses guardianship).

In his new disembodied state, Alan has been a kind, loving brother with crystal clear foresight; as much a comfort to Tracy as a sense of conscience, which would make a good argument for it to be later explained as a coping measure for her. As out there as the haunting story may be, it doesn't really seem too unusual if you think about the lengths people go to seek comfort while mourning. I do have to give kudos to TPTB for doing something not only positive but fun to watch after the heart-breaking decision to have Alan die from a heart attack.

Meanwhile Dillon was filling Lulu in on everything that was happening while she was chasing after and protecting Logan. Of course Scott showed up at the coffee shop just moments after Lulu was brought up to speed and she attacked him, threatening to tell Luke and everyone else what he had done. Scott screamed back. Screaming your dirty laundry at the top of your lungs in a public coffee shop is a funny way to keep a secret.

Jason moved to intervene, tossing Scott out onto the street and telling Lulu if Scott ever attacked her again to let him know, further cementing those bonds between the teen set and organized crime I find so irritating.

But before Scott had shown up, Spinelli and Jason had taken a break from trying to bring down Alcazar so that Spinelli could once again show Jason how he had broken into the hospital's mainframe and had accessed Liz's records. First Jason said he didn't want to know, and then quickly asked if the file said whether the child was a boy or a girl, and finally found himself looking at ultrasound slides.

As if he wasn't conflicted enough, Liz called him over to her house to make something clear. She said that although everything will most likely be fine, if something should happen he should not hesitate to do what was best for the baby, even if that included divulging that he was the father. Say, for example, the baby needs a blood transfusion and she was unconscious… wow, seems like a pretty wild scenario to just pull out of thin air. How much you want to bet something so very similar happens very soon?

Out on Windemyere, Nikolas answered Jerry's ringing cell phone, thinking he was nowhere to be found. Lady Jane was on the other end of the line, and when Nikolas asked a few seemingly innocent questions, she was very cautious about revealing anything. Jerry (Craig) wasn't as far off as Nikolas suspected and caught him in the act. Angered, he collected some papers and said he was leaving town – leaving Nikolas with only five hours to live. The two struggled and in the end Jerry left without giving him another dose of counter-agent. He didn't leave town before stopping by to see Lady Jane (I'm betting she talks him out of it). Nikolas went to the hospital to tell Emily, Patrick, and Robin the clock was ticking, but the three are no closer to finding an anecdote to the poison.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

According to WUBS the mob violence is not going to be coming to an end any time soon. May sweeps will definitely host another mob war, this time Alcazar will be paying with his life. Early rumors and spoilers hinted Lila Rae would also fall victim, but are now being dismissed. Sky will play an intricate role in bringing down her baby's father.

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