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I so didn't need to know the preferred way of removing a sea urchin spine from flesh.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Haunting and Hostility

Today on General Hospital:

Alan's ghost continued to loom around Tracy today as she dealt with Scott coming, at Bobbie's request, to discuss guardianship of Laura. When Dillon heard of Scott's plans he angrily lashed out, asking him how he could even think of pursuing guardianship after what he had done; which of course piqued Luke's interest as to what the young Quartermaine had on Scott.

I would have to say the most entertaining segments of today's show centered on Tracy and her haunting. The onscreen chemistry between Damon (Alan) and Elliot (Tracy) is nearly as sharp as between Elliot and Geary (Luke), and it has definitely intensified with Damon being allowed to take a comedic angle. So, okay, Scott has zero grounds to be able to take guardianship away from Nikolas, but this is actually a story I'm curious to watch unfold.

Dillon at one point went to warn Lulu what was going on with Scott but she was more interested in saving Logan, who had been picked up by Sonny's men. She claims to be irritated by him, but can't help rushing to protect him. Meanwhile, we were treated to Sonny going all big and bad on Logan, threatening to kill him if he continued to interfere in his business or if Lulu got hurt because he put her in harm's way. At least there wasn't any gunfire today, and these scenes did follow Sonny and Amelia taking more than one tumble in the sack, and proceeded him having his lawyer slap an injunction against her and Everyday Heroes for the continued media interference.

Maurice Benard (Sonny) plays big and bad well, but I'm honestly more entertained when he's being seductive or cunning; that is, when it's with anyone but Carly – that, I'm sick of. Amelia and he make a good pairing, equally shady and edgy. I wonder how far this is going to go.

Jax and Carly enjoyed the sun and each other in Fiji playing in the surf, though we only saw them on the large bed, complete with canopy, in the middle of the beach. Only Jax would create a bedroom on the beach! Sweet and romantic, yes, but surely short lived. This is a soap after all. I'm certain by the time they return to Port Charles and its version of the real world, Jerry will be wreaking all kinds of havoc under the guise of Mr. Craig.

Though I will say, I think daytime dialogue sunk to a whole new low, even for GH, when Jax's solution to removing sea urchin spines from Carly's behind was met with the response, "You're not peeing on my butt." Excuse me. I didn't need to know the mild acidic level of urine would pull sea urchin spines from flesh. I was surviving just fine without that knowledge.

On Tomorrow's episode: Nikolas answers Jerry's phone and speaks with Lady Jane.

News and Fun Stuff Ahead!

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  • Maurice Benard won a Prism Award for the bipolar story line that played out for Sonny last fall. The Prism Awards are awarded for accurate depiction of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and addiction, and mental health. See photos of Benard and Jacklyn Zeman at the event.

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