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Something old, something new, something borrowed and... oops!

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Will She or Won’t She?

Today on General Hospital:

It was all about Carly and her impending nuptials; the only break from the wedding event we received was the briefest peek at the once again brewing mob war.

Hearing about the shoot-out at the cellar for the first time, Luke bee-lined to Sonny's office and asked him to spare Skye. While Sonny claimed to have no beef with the woman, he added he couldn't protect her if she put herself in the line of fire.

Though I believe the real point of this scene was what followed, a chance for Sonny to wax on and compare his relationship with Carly to the legend of Luke and Laura, which is laughable at best, it also reminded us the mob storyline is never too far from the forefront. I'm guessing as soon as we get through these "I dos" Lorenzo's days are numbered. I'm only hoping what wasn't being previewed was Luke getting involved.

The rest of the episode had Carly freaking out, panicking over her hair, her makeup, not having her 'good luck charm,' but most of all she was second guessing the choice she made. Bobbie, Lady Jane, and Lulu gave her something old, something new, something borrowed — ooh! The Luke and Laura engagement ring, now available at Sears! — and… well, Lulu forgot the something blue. Good think Max showed up with a blue handkerchief in his pocket, or the Carly-Jax union would have been doomed for sure.

Shortly after this Jason did arrive and helped her get ready. They left for the ceremony with Carly saying "We're even on time." So, why did the next scene at the Manor involve all the guests wondering "Where is Carly?" and "Is she going to leave Jax at the alter?" Another example of the inconsistency in the script I mentioned yesterday which is becoming worse, and more irritating, with each passing day.

Alexis, who had just been needling Jax that he should think twice before marrying Carly, took her place next to him at the alter. As Jason prepared to escort her down the isle, Sonny appeared. Though Carly expected him to make a scene or a last ditch effort to stop the wedding, he instead quietly took his seat.

A rather mild episode by recent standards, so I suspect tomorrow will be drama filled. It is Friday, after all.

On Tomorrow's Episode!

ABC's website says a surprise guest will show up at the wedding. Since Sonny is already in his seat, they can only mean Craig/Jacks who was shown standing outside the door. I'm sure Lady Jane and Jax will be thrilled, but what about the rest of the guests?

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