Wednesday , April 17 2024
Jason is gone. Carly freaks.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Wedding Woes

Today on General Hospital:

Upon learning that Jason took off on his bike for the open road, Carly had a meltdown. She believes he is her good luck charm and to get married without him would be disastrous. Immediately she blamed Sonny and off she ran to have words with him. Jax also stopped by to talk to Jason, though he never said why because the moment he learned of Jason's whereabouts, he, too, blamed Sonny.

I realize Sonny is an all-controlling force, but why did it not even occur to Carly (or Jax for that matter) the man might have his own troubles that do not revolve around her? Have no fear, doomed lovebirds, Jason will be back by the wedding. He has proven time and again he won't fail Carly; she should have a bit of faith by now.

In his scenes with Ingo Rademacher (Jax), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) once again proved the actor and character both bring out the best in whoever shares the screen with him. Hilarity ensued, not only at Jason's apartment but at the rehearsal when the Jackal stepped up to fill in for Jason.

Another one who wasn't ready to give up is Emily as she continued to question Nikolas about what was going on, not believing he was sincere about wanting her out of his life. Toward the end of the show they ended up on the beach together and he finally came clean with her, telling her that his mysterious house guest and business partner was Mr. Craig and he had injected him with a poison. Is Mr. Craig/Jerry Jacks losing control of the situation? Will he be caught soon? If so how will Nikolas get the counter-agent?

Logan stepped into his new security job at the Metro Court with less than moderate enthusiasm. That was until he heard the exchange between Ric and Lorenzo about the attempt on Jason and Sam's life. He's bound and determined to get himself involved in Sonny's organization. One can only wonder if it's a family business.

I do have a complaint though. Is it just me or have the scenes seemed to be edited very poorly lately? The flow is abrupt and things get left unresolved. Case in point: why show the door handle coming off when Carly is in Sonny's office, but in her very next scene have her show up at the rehearsal? It seemed the scene showing how she got out was mysteriously cut, or was rewritten and the scene of getting trapped became completely irrelevant.

With just two days left until Carly's and Jax's wedding, and the beginning of sweeps, now is not the time to be tuning out.

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