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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – It’s Ladies’ Night

Sam was rushed into the ER on Monday, having been shot in the back while in Jason’s arms on the terrace of the Metro Court hotel. Suspicious minds turned to Sonny with good reason. The mob-boss had ordered a hit on his employee and one time best friend but in the last moments he had called off the shooter. Though it was left up in the air whether or not the hit-man had got Sonny’s message, it was later shown he had. Those same minds should have then turned to Manny. So far, they haven’t.

While Sam underwent two surgeries, both of them were risky and carried the possibility of a hysterectomy, Sonny pleaded with Jason to believe he would never cause him harm. Emily was devastated by revelation but in the end forgave him and believed him when he said he could never hurt her brother.

Carly on the other hand had no room for forgiveness. Believing from the first moment that her x-husband was behind the shooting, she went to his house to retrieve his children. Finding Emily there watching them, a fight ensued and Carly eventually won out leaving with the boys.

The smarter Carly gets and the more she disassociates herself from Sonny, the weaker and more dependent Emily becomes. Now, I can believe forgiving a lot of things in the name of love, but trying to kill your brother should fall on the unforgivable list. One would think anyhow. Watching Jason keeping his bedside vigil was moving and sad; though, as with the epidemic, he was easily distracted and left her side. For what? To hold Ric at gun point in retaliation for attempting to reclaim Sonny’s business while he was preoccupied. From the beginning Jason has maintained it has been about protecting his sister, not the business, so it would seem with his fiancé in grave health, the man could keep his focus there.

Friday’s cliffhanger was Jason divulging the truth to Alexis: “Sam is your daughter.” The only reaction given so far was that of shock. Meanwhile Sam was slowly fading away with Monica urging her to hold on until Jason could get back.

Sam’s was not the only life that was held in the valance this week. Carly and her father were held hostage in the vacant house next to hers. Durant was shot and after a long conversation in which they both expressed regrets for not working harder on getting to know each other, he died. (Manny has been a busy busy boy … too bad no one in Port Charles can seem to put two and two together.)

Carly felt lost, not sure how to grieve for a man she barely knew. It also softened her heart about keeping the boys from Sonny. She told him that any relation they had was gone, but she would not keep her boys from knowing their father. My prediction is this is just temporary. As the war between Sonny and Jason rages on, Carly will question that decision.

Another life was lost this week in the form of Patrick’s patient. Disregarding Noah’s pleas and advice, Patrick insisted on performing the same surgery his mother did not survive, conceding that his father was right and the patient’s chance of survival was slim. Before the surgery he confided to Noah that he never blamed him for loosing his mother, but he did for the way he reacted afterward.

His patient did in fact die. Noah stepped in when Patrick began to stumble and helped explain to the woman’s child what had happened. Afterward father and son shared another heart felt exchange.

This pair continues to take two steps forward and three steps back when it comes to reconciliation and it is still entertaining to watch. The emotions the actors portray are raw and as believable as the struggle itself.

The ladies of General Hospital blew off the stress of a hard week by having “ladies night out,” which consisted of Emily, Robin, Liz, Laney, and Dr. Lee heading over to Jake’s to do tequila shots. Each shared a rather detailed and steamy fantasy about the young Dr. Drake. When Patrick arrived to try and forget the patient he lost, Robin offered a single night of no-strings-attached sex. He declined.

So for all the protesting that Patrick does and for as much as he claims to not want any strings attached or talks of commitment, we see a different side of him, a deeper side that doesn’t want to take advantage and cares about Dr. Scorpio. Or maybe he could tell she was on the verge of passing out. All in all, the “ladies night out” story was fun and light-hearted; a nice little entertaining break from the darker heavier stories that were predominate this week.

Also on the light and entertaining side was Holly, Robert and Luke on the Island. In a storyline that is reminiscent of those from 25 years ago, the trio attempted to use capers form the past to keep each other out of harms way and toward a way off the island. All three of them are a bit slower and are constantly reminding each other how much has changed.

It would have been easy for the writers to try and recreate the capers and escapades of this trio, but instead chose to show three people who were at one time friends trying to come to terms with just how much life has passed while they work together to help each other. Toss in a bit of comic relief and it’s been enjoyable and entertaining.

Next week: Jax takes Carly to meet Lady Jane, Alexis and Sam share a moment, and Nicholas becomes suspicious of Jax.

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