Thursday , May 23 2024
Noah argues with Dr. Ford, Emily and Robin squabble and Jerry (Mr. Craig) makes excuses to avoid a wedding.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Disappointing Mother and Brother

Today on General Hospital, we were treated to so many of the veteran staff in the same show: Tracy, Luke, Monica, Bobbie, and Noah (note – not Noah and Bobbie together). Luke and Tracy tossed back a few in the bar at the Metro Court and reflected on how far they had come. When did these two turn into the classic couple?

Noah squared off against Dr. Ford and the two debated admission policy and hospital bottom line. It was said again that General was in real trouble, which sounds like an interesting story line if the writers would actually explore a hospital storyline instead of a mob-related one. Monica showed up in time for Ford to bash the way Alan ran the hospital, and Noah offered a bit of sympathetic comfort once they were left alone. While it was nice to see the veterans, and just a taste of intrigue worth watching, it was, of course, short lived.

Once the little pow-wow session was over, Emily cornered Robin to question her about kissing Patrick. Are you two back together? Did you break up with Nikolas? Are you cheating on Nikolas? Those were just a few of the questions she rapid-fire shot at her. When Robin tried to stick to the cover story, telling Emily Patrick had forced himself on her, it only confirmed in Emily's mind something was off. She ran to Wyndemere where she found Nikolas spending time with Spencer. Knowing Mr. Craig/Bronson/Jerry Jax was lurking in the shadows, he feigned he was irate and insisted she leave.

So, Emily can put two and two together; she's not as dumb as I thought she was. Well, who knew? She did spend all last summer chasing after Sonny after all. That said, I do like Emily and Nikolas together and hope someone brings her into the fold soon.

Before Emily showed up, Nikolas overheard Mr. Craig on the phone with Lady Jane. Though he didn't know who was on the other end of the phone, he did see a sensitive side and a softer tone as his captor spoke to his mother. A weak spot perhaps? Will Nikolas be able to figure out a way to capitalize on it?

Lulu and Bobbie both dropped by to help Carly with wedding plans. Lulu, at Spinelli's urging, was going to try and talk to her aunt about Liz's baby, but instead the conversation turned into which of her suitors she would bring to the wedding. Bobbie questioned her about whether or not she was over Sonny, so we got to hear all of that yet again. Even though Carly's ramblings are old and stale, seeing her interacting with her mom was a great moment.

With just three days left before Carly and Jax finally tie the not (or will they?) there are plenty of reasons to keep watching. Will Mr. Craig/Jerry go to his brother's wedding? If so will he be seen by everyone he held hostage? With the realization it was Jax's brother who held her hostage, will Carly's feelings for him change?

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

  • It seems Logan's paternity isn't as cut and dried as it seemed. We first heard he would be a Drake, and then it seemed obvious to anyone with eyes and ears he would be a Baldwin, but some are saying that was just to steer viewers one way, only to surprise them with the real reveal. I've heard rumors naming at least two other major players. I guess this is one question we'll have to watch to find the answer to.

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