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What will Robin have to give sadistic Craig in order to save Patrick?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lives Left in Peril

Thursday on General Hospital:

The end of Thursday's show looked more like a Friday episode with cliffhangers: both Patrick's and Sam's lives were left in peril.

I wondered Wednesday as Patrick stood outside Nikolas' door and listened to Craig/Bronsan carry on if he would recognize the voice; Thursday we found out he did. After a usual round of tormenting Nikolas, which included ridiculing Laura and holding a gun to Nikolas' head, Craig left the house for a stroll on the grounds. Out of nowhere, Patrick appeared beating on the bad-guy with a big ol' piece of tree limb. The master manipulator, Craig needled the doctor about setting aside his Hippocratic Oath for Robin when given the chance.

As Patrick reached for his cell phone to call the police, Craig overpowered him and gave him a return beating. As the show ended, Craig was dragging Patrick's unconscious body to a cliff's edge, presumably to toss him, when Robin came running from the woods. I wonder what she'll have to give the sadistic Craig in order to save Patrick?

Jason came to visit Sam on the set of Everyday Heroes only to have a reporter burst onto the set and harass him with the usual mob-related questions that have been driving him and Sonny nuts for at least a week now. Even though Amelia played horrified protector, it was more than obvious it was part of her plan to continually rattle Sam and everyone around her. Amelia later admitted to her trusted assistant what most have already guessed, she was Bill Monroe's daughter. As Sam stood in the middle of the set filming closing remarks for her first episode, a stage light shook loose overhead and began to fall as Amelia screamed a warning.

Now, was Amelia trying to cover her own death-attempt by yelling to Sam in the final moments, or is someone else out to get her, like Lorenzo maybe?

Carly's agonizing over whether or not to sign her divorce papers came to a quick end when Jax showed up. It seemed all she needed to hear was a little pep talk about how wonderful their life was going to be to realize she didn't need Sonny anymore. (Don't worry, Sonny, my guess is as soon as you move on to someone else, she'll be back telling you how much she needs you.) With the papers signed, she called the courthouse and found out if she turned them in right away she would have her divorce in a week. A wedding date was set for next Friday. Will it actually happen this time?


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