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Carly gets what she wants, but was it really what she wanted?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Difficult Decisions

Today on General Hospital:

Sonny signed the divorce papers, as difficult as it was for him. You think we'd be lucky enough to be able to move beyond this same dead-end story that's been going round and round for weeks, but no. When Carly put pen to paper, she just couldn't follow through, and spent most of the hour trying to find the strength to end her marriage to a man she admits she still loves. Lulu stopped by seeking advice on love from her cousin, but immediately saw past her problems and tried to be a confidante for Carly and help her with her difficult choice. In the end, she gave back advice the older woman had once given her – follow your heart.

Patrick and Robin continued to exchange biting remarks, but with each attack he made, she acquiesced a bit. As time passed, Patrick believed more and more something was amiss. When he saw Robin and the lab tech poring over Nikolas' file, he enlisted Maxie (who better?) to swipe it for him. All he could tell from its contents, though, was she had to run a toxicology screen on someone's blood – not a reason for her to break everything off and run to Nikolas' arms.

So, off to Wyndemere he headed with the file in hand to confront her. In the final moments of the show he arrived just in time to hear Mr. Craig running down the day's events to her. Will he recognize the voice as that of the man who held Robin and half of Port Charles hostage at the Metro Court?

This has got to come crashing down soon. He blew up the Metro Court and he's walking around like he's a long-time stand-up citizen. I would say his days are numbered – except that Sebastian Roche has just signed a contract. I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't in deeper with government, though that doesn't explain his need for Nikolas to give him a new identity.

The events Craig was running down for Robin included Luke's visit to the estate to confront Nikolas about Laura's guardianship. Nikolas assured Luke the first he had heard of it was when Scott showed up earlier in the day to ask him to sign the custody over in lieu of a court fight – something Nikolas refused to do. Luke is the definition of obstinate and demanded the man give him guardianship, even when Nikolas explained if he did Scott would have a better chance of winning his case. What are the chances a court would take guardianship from her son and give it to an ex-husband with violent tendencies? Probably better than Nikolas thinks – it is a soap after all.

Person to watch: Tracy. It seems she's going to be playing both sides in the battle between Scott and Luke or is she playing Scott to help her husband? This one just might be fun to watch!

Warning! Spoiler Ahead!

My ABC Soaps is reporting that Jason and Elizabeth's baby will be born on The Night Shift, the night-time Soap Net spin-off that will run for thirteen episodes this summer.

They also speculate even though it is being touted as about the "younger generation" that we may see some appearances by such veterans as Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), and Patrick's father Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield). Oh! We can only hope!

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