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Lorenzo's plans go wrong. Will he be the next one to be ambushed?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Ambushed!

It wasn't only Sonny and Jason who were ambushed this week. Sam is being set up for a huge fall by Amelia and. Lucky will most likely be emotionally destroyed when he learns of Elizabeth's lies.

Carly and Jax headed off on their trip to Montreal and this time, much to Michael's dismay, Sonny didn't try to interfere. He stood behind her supporting her as she reminded the boys they were grounded and even told her to have a good time with Jax, but qualified it with "just be true to yourself and your family." When Michael voiced his displeasure with his mother running off with Jax, Sonny simply said he was giving her room to come back to him.

Little did he know in Montreal, Jax was proposing again with a bigger engagement ring than last time. After the usual rehashing of their relationship, Carly accepted his proposal. On the ride home the two joined the "mile high club" all while Sonny was being ambushed by Lorenzo's men. How long will she be able to keep her promise of putting Jax first when she learns Sonny's been hurt? My guess is not very long.

I used to be a big Carly/Jax fan but the pairing just isn't doing it for me anymore or maybe I'm just so sick of the triangles involving Carly and the one constant of Sonny. I really don't like Carly with Sonny, either. They are both much stronger characters when they are apart. Maybe the key to my sour feelings is Carly?

Despite Ric's, Jason's, and Sonny's warnings, Skye had faith in Lorenzo and couldn't even comprehend he was faking his brain injury, putting her in the line of retaliatory fire – until she walked in and heard him give the order to kill Sonny and Jason. She held her tongue while they were both questioned by Ric, but confronted Lorenzo once he had left. Lorenzo admitted he had clarity of mind for several weeks, but was only putting up the front to protect her and Lila Ray. After telling Lorenzo she forgave him, Skye ran straight to Ric and told the DA she would do whatever was necessary to protect her daughter from her father.

So now the groundwork is set for Ted King's departure from the show (as reported in a recent “Making the Rounds”). Either Ric will have his big moment as DA and bring down the arms dealer, or Sonny and Jason will get their revenge for the ambush in The Cellar. My guess is he will be arrested and charged, leaving the door open for the character to be recast.

The ambush itself was one of those occasional moments where the viewing audience was treated to some really good filming and editing techniques. It was delivered in a montage, cut in with scenes of Elizabeth going into an early labor and Carly getting engaged to Jax. Cooper and Logan, who had moments before driven the press away from Sonny in Kelly's diner upstairs, fell back on their military training the moments shots rang out. They shared a knowing look, pulled guns, and went to the rescue. When the smoke had cleared all of Lorenzo's men were dead, save one; Logan had been shot in the leg, and Sonny had a concussion – not from a gunshot, but from falling down the stairs while trying to chase one of the hitmen. (If you missed, check out the You Tube video below.)

Cooper followed the one surviving attacker up the steps and out of The Cellar where he promptly grabbed Maxie, holding her at gunpoint. Tell me, what are the odds one woman would be held hostage twice in as many months? Mac, Cruz, and two other policemen showed up and all were holding the attacker at gunpoint. While Mac tried to talk him down, Cooper talked to Maxi, telling her three times to not be afraid before he fired his gun, taking out the captor and covering the woman with blood and brain matter. (Totally gross!)

Mac held Jason and Cooper for questioning, so Jason sent Spinelli and Lulu to the hospital with Sonny to keep him from saying something he shouldn't while regaining consciousness. After backing up Jason's story that he and Sonny were ambushed, and giving an extremely detailed account of how things went down, Cooper was released to go to the hospital with Logan. Shortly after, Jason was allowed to leave as well, but not before learning (from Lucky, who arrived on the scene) Elizabeth had gone into labor and they were trying to stop her contractions. Lucky was also quickly dismissed from the crime scene so he could be with his wife.

The viewer was fed a whole lot of subtext here and in the scenes leading up to the ambush. Logan wants to work for Sonny and was questioning Mike about him to the point where I began to wonder if maybe all the indicators saying Scott was his dad were wrong and it is going to be Sonny. We also got a glimmer of how Cooper will serve as a police officer. Will being an informant to Sonny be easy on him? It seems his first loyalty is to doing what is right. We also saw his dedication to Maxi, which I totally don't understand.

Amelia continued with her devious plot against Sam, building her up so she could publicly tear her down, but it seems the depth of her treachery doesn't end there. She thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be involved with Jax to make Carly jealous. She also showed another side, sharing witty banter with Stan in the emergency room while all concerned waited for a status report on Sonny. I have a feeling we will be treated to Amelia for some time to come, even after she blows Sam's world apart.

Beginning April 16, “Making the Rounds” will be switching to a daily format delivering recaps and news Monday through Thursday with a Friday episode recap complete with news and spoilers appearing on these pages over the weekend.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • TV Guide has a cast list for the upcoming Soapnet series General Hospital: The Night Shift, it includes the suspected Steve Burton (Jason Morgan), Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio), and Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake). Noticeably absent are Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), and Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer). Many of the popular teen set will be doing the cross-over, including Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli). Billy Dee Williams will also have a pivotal role on the summer spin-off.
  • GHFF reports Kelly Monoco will be taking a break from GH to film a pilot of Football Wives. Will the current storyline with Amelia be the tool used to give the actress the leave of absence?
  • Emily and Patrick come to the realization that all is not what it seems at Wyndeme and plot to work together to get to the bottom of it.
  • Scott is awarded the role of Special Prosecutor and continues with his plans to pursue guardianship of Laura.

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