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Some couples fall flat while Patrick and Robin continue to sizzle.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Spun Web of Secrets and Lies

Maxie is up to her old tricks with new accomplices and eye candy Logan and Cooper. Jax and Sonny battle for Carly's attention both looking like three-year-olds arguing over a new toy, and all kinds of secrets were at risk of being brought to light, all last week on General Hospital.

After learning from Logan – who is a pretty expert eavesdropper – about Scott's guilt, Maxie decided she should blackmail Mr. Baldwin with her new buddies and pin the blame on Lulu. This led to a hilarious scene with Maxie and Spinelli where she tried to flirt her way into his good graces to get a peek at his laptop – unsuccessful of course. I can only imagine the mayhem that will occur when she gets a peek at that folder marked "For Lulu's Eyes Only." As much as she gets on my nerves, I'd love to see her be able to call Liz out for the hypocritical way she persecuted her for her secrets while keeping a whole bunch of her own.

Lulu's not dealing too well with the knowledge that it is Jason's baby Liz is carrying, not her brother's. Though she seems determined to enlighten Lucky, I'm sure she will be just as determined to protect him as she is to protect her father from the truth about Rick Webber's murder. With all these secrets to keep, it's amazing she had any time at all to spend with her three drooling suitors, but I'm glad she did. It was definitely a highlight of the week. I only wonder why, when she wanted to make it extremely clear to the guys how important it was to keep the secret of 'who killed Rick Webber', she held the meeting in a public coffee shop.

As if tit-for-tat, Scotty is determined to counter Lulu's new disdain for him by making sure she finds out that Luke once raped Laura. As far as I'm concerned the storyline leap that took Luke and Laura from that night in the disco to supreme super couple of the universe was huge, but it was twenty-five years ago and to continually bring it back as a plot device is getting old on me. Does Lulu need to know? Maybe. Will it put her in a padded room next to her mother? After the year she's had, maybe.

Jason seems determined to keep his promise to Liz and let Lucky raise the baby as his own, but this secret is out, too many know, and it's only a matter of time until it hits the fan and the few people who don't yet know (Lucky and Sam about cover it, I think) find out. On the other hand, Sam is way too busy covering her own set of secrets to even notice Jason is being tormented by something. This couple is certainly fizzling lately. Besides the lies and secrets, the on screen chemistry is just flat.

It's little wonder Jason doesn't have time to work on the relationship. Besides having to conceal his secrets, he has to be confidant to Carly who is having way too much fun watching Sonny and Jax argue and fight like two toddlers fighting over a toy truck in the sandbox at the park. This isn't even amusing to me, and about as hot as trigonometry. I liked the evolution of Carly when she was with Jax, but that is gone as she reverted back to whiny and dependent, only it's on Jason to "keep her away from both of them." It would serve her right if they both found someone else.

One couple that does have enough on screen chemistry to melt ice cream is Robin and Patrick and we were again treated to some romantic banter between the two of them. Too bad trouble is looming on the horizon. For details keep reading.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Mr. Craig is back and torturing Nikolas in order to get what he wants: a new identity and a new way to make the money he should have made on the exploding briefcase. It's rumored Robin will be drawn into the scheme and the two will be forced to carry on as if they are in love, hurting Emily and Patrick.
  • Lulu keeps Liz's secret as the woman marries Lucky. Look for Spinelli to lighten the mood at the tense nuptials.
  • Max makes the connection between Cooper and "three." Sonny decides to use him to his advantage.
  • The Daytime Emmys have been announced. General Hospital didn't fare too well, receiving a total of six. They are as follows: Outstanding Actor – Tony Geary (Luke), Outstanding Supporting Actress – Genie Francis (ex-Laura) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), Outstanding Supporting Actor – Rick Hearst (Ric), and Outstanding Younger Actress – Julie Marie Berman (Lulu). They also picked up a nomination for Outstanding Writing, but were shut out of the Best Daytime Drama category.

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