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Alan Quartermaine... not quite gone.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Difficult Decisions and a Haunting Conscience

Amidst grief and remorse over the death of his father, Jason made the ultimate sacrifice and accompanied Carly on a wasted trip to the Dominican Republic, while Patrick continued to romance Robin and Lulu still tried to unravel the mystery of Rick Webber's murder.

Gone but certainly not forgotten, Alan Quartermaine was a huge presence on last week's General Hospital. First, Lulu intercepted a registered letter to Luke from his estate, one that contained the answer she thought she wanted. It was, in fact, Scott Baldwin who killed Rick Webber. Though he stated in the letter he hoped Luke could understand why he kept it a secret, there was no excuse offered. If you ask me, it is this that makes the entire story weak. While they are presenting good reason for Scott to commit the murder, I see no reason why Alan would have kept it a secret, especially when Laura began to flip out over it. The pieces don't fit together — instead we're being spoon fed a forced together story.

The only good point has been Lulu and her new collection of suitors. From Dillon to Spinelli to Milo, and now the new Logan with mysterious connections to a father he never knew. In the news and spoilers section below are some tidbits which promise to make this would-be-connection love match truly explosive. Even though Lulu and Logan's instant sparks were fun to watch, I'm still rooting for a Dillon/Lulu do-over.

When Alan wasn't spilling secrets from the grave, he was haunting his sister. Tracy had the audacity, with Luke as her loyal sidekick, to change Alan's will, which gave the bulk of his estate to Emily and Jason's children, should he decide to have any. With Luke's help, the new will left tokens to the rest of the family, $250,000 to himself, and the bulk – including ELQ stock – to Tracy. No one believed that read will was actually Alan's last wish, but there was little evidence to prove otherwise. Immediately following the reading, Alan appeared in a ghostly form which can only be seen by Tracy (at this point).

He told her he is caught in limbo until she comes clean, and his last wills are carried out – and he seemed to be having a very good time with Tracy's reaction. I must say it's good to still have Stuart Damon on the screen and the ghostly story is a wonderful way to see the humorous side of both the actor and the character that was rarely seen as of late. The downside is once Damon's contract is up, the haunting will cease. Still, with wonderful comedic performances by Damon, Geary, and Elliot, these scenes were the highlight of the week.

As Jason tried to come to terms with the fact he lost the only father he will ever have, even if he doesn't remember most of that relationship, Elizabeth asked him to relinquish all holds on the child she was carrying and let her, Lucky, and the children be the family Lucky so desperately needs. She tried to comfort him saying he could see the baby anytime he wanted. (Yeah, like Lucky won't get the least suspicious about Jason hanging out with his kid all the time.) Jason agreed, even though it was painfully obvious it was tearing him apart, and clearly told Liz that clean breaks would be better. It is nice to see the usual hard and cold Jason giving way to his emotions of late, and it's hard to say whether the flashes he's had of him and Alan together are going to lead to a cure of his incurable brain injury, or if he too is being haunted by Alan. Only time will tell.

After the funeral, Jason agreed to take Carly to the Dominican Republic for her quickie divorce. I'm sure he regretted that choice before the plane even took off. She spent the whole flight verbally arguing her heart and mind. Arriving and filing for divorce, she was still hesitant as to whether she was doing the right thing, until the judge told her the laws had changed. Her newly received divorce was not recognized in the U.S. and she would have to file when she got home. She returned home just in time to pull Sonny away from Alexis and Ric's custody hearing, only to have Sonny refuse to file for something he doesn't want. As for the custody hearing, Ric was granted full custody of Molly.

Though it didn't take up a lot of screen time, I have to mention Patrick and Robin. Patrick continued to express his love for Robin, taking her for a picnic lunch in the park after her doctor's appointment and meeting her fears and concerns with declarations of love. Could this couple get any cuter?

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Lulu regrets ever opening the can of worms that has become Rick Webber's murder mystery. If she shines a light on the truth, what will it do to her father when he finds out the part he played in Laura's nervous breakdown?
  • While Spinelli is trying to prove his usefulness to Sonny, he will stumble onto Liz' paternity secret. Lulu wrestles with telling her brother the truth or protecting him.
  • Mr. Craig returns to torture Nikolas into giving him a new identity.
  • Though it has not been stated for sure who is the Daddy Logan never knew and already hates with a passion, all indicators are pointing toward Scott. That could throw a nice wrench in any romance between Lulu and Logan.

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