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A whole community mourns the loss of Alan Quartermaine.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Deception, Remorse, and Lies

Jax is back, Scotty is still lurking, and the rest of Port Charles is still picking up the pieces from the hostage crisis and mourning the loss of beloved Alan Quartermaine on last week's General Hospital.

Not expecting to be greeted with "Sonny, just because we slept together…," Jax returned to Port Charles and Carly. She thought it was Sonny knocking and opened her mouth before opening the door. The minute she laid eyes on Jax, she threw her arms around him. Too bad Jax had actually heard what she said. Carly's choice of explanations — "It's not cheating when you're married to the person" — didn't do much to calm Jax's jealousy. As the week progressed he softened a little bit as Carly persisted it was him she wanted to be with, and the two tried to figure out a way to put together the shattered pieces of the broken relationship.

Carly's trying to do the smart thing instead of following her heart. It's really not completely clear if Sonny is trying to follow his heart, or save face against long-time foe Jax. It seems the only one who really, clearly knows what they want can't help but be hurt by the tangled web that is Sonny's and Carly's life. I'm still not a big fan of the Carly/Sonny relationship, but I'm not sure it's believable to push forward with Carly and Jax with all that's happened. Now that Ingo Rademacher has been added to the list of actors who get extended vacations, building a storyline around the character, especially a romance, becomes difficult. Boy, do I long for those five minutes the writers made Carly a strong, independent business woman. If we can't get that, I guess I prefer Carly with Jax. 

Scotty, called a snake by more than one character, continued to slither his way around Port Charles. Especially interested in those closest to Laura, he continued to question both Leslie and Lulu about what Laura was like when she regained consciousness. Did she ever mention him? And what, if anything, had she said about Rick Webber's murder? Lulu, always one to shoot straight from the hip, outright asked him what he knew about Rick Webber and his death. Scotty gave a convoluted runaround explanation as to why he helped Rick drug Laura all those years ago when she murdered the nurse he was has having an affair with. But is this really the only reason they brought Kin Shriner back, to pin Rick Webber's murder on him?

There's one good thing about this whole 'who killed Rick Webber' story. It's been a vehicle for Dillon and Lulu to spend on-screen time together and interact on levels that aren't directly tied to the abortion storyline. Now that Dillon has officially broken up with Georgie, it seems it will only be a matter of time before he tries to spark a new fire with Lulu. The only question is will Lulu still be interested or has her eyes been turned by Spinelli, Milo, or both.

Jason continued to reel from his father's untimely death and the realization that all Alan ever wanted from him was a relationship. He was deeply remorseful for having denied him the simple request. Liz's request that he give up all claims on his baby and allow her and Lucky to raise it together as Lucky's has brought it all into crystal clear perspective.

I could see where Liz was coming from if she feared Jason's job and the effect it would have on her safety or the baby's, but she repeatedly insists that she feels safe with him and trusts he could keep his child safe. In the light, I find her whole ability and rationalization for lying to Lucky extremely hypocritical. It used to be I found Liz to be the absolute most inoffensive character on the show, but now she just grates on my last nerve. She shouldn't belittle Maxie for her lies in one breath, and spill nothing but lies to the same man thirty seconds later. Lucky needs to get a clue and figure out he deserves much better than either of them.

Robin was another one hit hard by the loss of Alan, but it took a persuasive and caring Patrick to get her to not only face but talk about everything she was feeling. How refreshing was it to see the once arrogant, commitment-fearing doctor open up and admit his vulnerability and love? I couldn't be the only one with a melting heart as he spilled how he had cried for her when she was a hostage, and while she was in surgery. Hopefully it's onward and upward for this couple.

A character I couldn't cry or feel sorry for this week was Ric Lansing. What was that whole scene with Lainy where he tearfully declared he only wanted to love his daughter and have her with him? Was it really suppose to make us forget what a troll this character has become? I feel bad for actor Rick Hearst who has received quite a bit of backlash from his fan base over the change in his character (something that is completely out of his control). But redemption is going to take more than one sappy scene.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • The supposed pre-nomination list for the Daytime Emmys has been floating around the net. These are supposedly the actors and actresses that TPTB at GH have suggested to the academy are deserving: lead actress – Nancy Lee Grahn, Laura Wright; lead actor – Anthony Geary, Steve Burton; supporting actress – Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst; supporting actor – Rick Hearst, Jason Thompson; younger actress – Julie Berman, Kirsten Storms; younger actor – Dylan Cash, Scott Clifton.

    Noticeably missing is Maurice Benard, especially given the bi-polar disorder storyline that was near and dear to the actor. Tony Geary and Genie Francis seem shoe-ins and I have high hopes for Julie Berman and Scott Clifton, as well as Jason Thompson.

  • Patrick's test results come back early this week. They're expected to be negative and spark family planning discussions between Robin and him.
  • When Jason learns Carly slept with Sonny he refuses to fly her to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. I don't blame you Jason. Just stay out of this one.
  • Luke and Tracy scheme to steal Alan's money, willed to Emily. I'm actually looking forward to watching this dynamic duo in action again, even if it is for something so diabolical.
  • Look for Ric to win his custody battle despite the help Jax and the support most of the remaining PC residents give Alexis. She will be devastated. I'll say it again. Redemption for Ric seems highly unlikely at this point.

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