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Who will live and who will die?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Tick, Tick, Boom!

In the final five hours before the much publicized Metro Court explosion, Sonny and Carly figured out the code to the briefcase, Spinelli used his Jackal skills for the greater good, and Father Mateo and Max both took bullets for other hostages’ behavior.

The week started with a bit of hope. True to his word, Mr. Craig released Alan for medical treatment, but not before putting a sniper in the second story window. After being helped to the door, he weakly stumbled down the steps of the hotel, and the sniper began shooting at the readied SWAT team. Crossfire ensued, much to the dismay of the hostages, gathered crowd, and Luke and Lucky who watched from their vantage point inside the hotel.

The onlookers wrongly assumed the doctor had been shot, but Luke could see it was actually a heart attack. Though he knew it meant he may not get another chance to save Lulu, Liz, or the unborn child, the father-son team knew they couldn’t watch Alan die, and exited the hotel through the window. They pulled Alan out of the crossfire to a waiting Monica.

Inside the hotel, Emily feared her father may have been killed in the crossfire and let loose on their sadistic captor, pounding on him and screaming. Why he didn’t shoot her, I don’t know. He’s been quick to the trigger with everyone else. I don’t mean to say Emily deserved it; the emotional outpouring was realistic and well acted, and almost as heartbreaking as watching the long-time well-loved doctor become a casualty of the crisis. I’m just saying Mr. Craig’s inconsistencies have been wide and far-reaching.

Skye learned that although Alan survived his surgery, his chances at recovery are grim at best and was subsequently disowned by Edward. She fled to the Metro Court, determined to try and convince Mr. Craig to release the hostages by giving him the first three numbers of the code, the only numbers she knew for sure. Luke convinced her that he was better suited to bluff with the cold-hearted captor and after grabbing a bull horn, moved to the center of the street, screaming for Mr. Craig’s attention.

He appeared in the doorway, holding Lulu at gun point. Luke relayed the briefcase was an Equinox and that he knew the code. He also asked that he serve as a replacement for the remaining hostages. Mr. Craig’s response was, “Tell me the code or your daughter dies.” (See what I mean about hard handed one minute, soft the next.) Luke tried to, as he put it, run his bluff, but when Craig pulled the hammer back, he folded, divulging the three numbers he knew, 7-6-7, and making up three more to go with it.

In these moments viewers were once again reminded why Tony Geary has been nominated for nine Daytime Emmy awards (winning five). The father-daughter emotion conveyed between the two leapt off the screen and made the entire hostage crisis worth viewing.

Inside the hotel, Jason was able to let Sonny know that only three of those numbers were correct. As far as he knew, it was all Alcazar had been able to tell anyone. In the meantime one of the captors decided it would be an amusing game to start beating up on the priest. (Doesn’t he know that gives you a one way ticket to hell?) What he didn’t expect was for the one-time-bad-guy-turned-priest to stab him with that knife from Robin’s surgery that was still floating around. One captor dead, but he was punished with two gunshots to the stomach. When Jason, as number five, took the now dead number/captor to a supply closet, he lifted the mask from the body.

Time ticked down and under Jason’s watchful eye, Sam and Liz bonded. Shortly after both women vocalized they just knew Jason was on the way to save them; Sam got a good look at Five’s eyes and whispered to Liz, “Jason is here.” Able to move freely as Five, he was also able to tell Sonny only the first three numbers were correct.

Lulu also discovered Spinelli was in the hotel when she was tossed into one of the offices, the one he was holding out in. Spinelli tried to convince Lulu that they should escape while they had a chance, but she refused to leave Liz and Nicholas behind. She ran from Spinelli and into Mr. Craig’s waiting grasp. He ordered that both Lulu and Spinelli be shot on sight, but Lulu held him off saying, “the Jackal” could get the vault open early.

Sonny confirmed that Spinelli was a computer whiz who had originally set up Lorenzo computer systems, and was worth keeping around. Mr. Craig’s orders changed. “Open the vault an hour early or Lulu dies.” In the meantime, while handcuffed together, Sonny and Carly tried to figure out the real last three numbers based on what the first three were. When Sonny hypothesized the numbers represent letters, and the first three letters were possibly S-O-P, the answer came to Carly – Sophie was Lorenzo’s first true love and he still harbored tremendous guilt over her death. With conviction she said the last three numbers were 4-3-4. Sonny informed Mr. Craig the code Luke gave was only half right.

With the briefcase in hand, and the realization it was in fact an Equinox, he demanded Sonny tell him the code. In exchange, Sonny insisted all the other hostages be released. While they arrived at a compromise – Carly would be released – Jason slipped Sam the mask from the fallen captor and told her to make a break for it.

When the case successfully opened, Mr. Craig told Carly she could leave. She refused to leave without Sonny. The police, thinking it was still fifteen minutes before the vault would open, cut off the electricity and that two minute scene we had been treated to at the beginning of the crisis came to be.

If you missed the last few minutes on Friday, check out the video below. I had been dreading this conclusion, as we had already seen it a half dozen times from everyone’s point of view, but GH really went all out and provided a highly dramatic conclusion, which only begs the questions: who will live and who will die?

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • As Robin prepares for surgery, Patrick agrees to her request for another HIV test post haste – Noah operates. Not only do we get Robin and Patrick together again, but more father/son Drake scenes!
  • Dillon and Georgie both agree that it’s over between them. We can only hope this leaves the door wide open for Dillon and Lulu to reconcile, though it’s become obvious Spinelli has developed quite a crush on Lulu. This could get interesting.
  • Elizabeth awakens to find herself trapped in an elevator with Jason. Yes, she can no longer keep her secrets to herself.
  • Scotty questions Lulu about Laura and Tracy warns her that Scotty is dangerous. I’m very interested to see where this goes and how Scotty plays into the who killed Rick Webber mystery.

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