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From friendship to war.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – More Shots Fired

Monday’s episode picked up where the previous Friday had left off, a gunman bursting into Sonny and Emily’s hotel room, guns blazing. Lucky for them Jason was right behind and dropped the gunman in his tracks. Exactly who was behind the attempted hit hasn’t been determined, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say it’s Manny. (Faking nice is completely over – he’s back to being his big bad self.) The couple was forced to leave through the front doors of the hotel and the waiting press exposed the relationship they’ve been trying to hide to the whole town including Sonny’s children, Michael and Morgan.

Carly tried to explain it away, telling the boys the press makes up stories about their father because he is a rich and powerful man. The rest of the week was filled with everyone chastising the couple and imploring them to break up. The largest naysayer of all was Jason. First he begged and pleaded with Emily to turn away from his boss and friend, then he turned his back on her.

Okay – so everyone is in an uproar and with good reasons. Sonny and Emily were shot at; they could have easily been killed. It seems to me Emily should be a little more worried about that fact that there are people out there trying to kill her boyfriend instead of defending him to everyone who will listen. Unfortunately, between the rising tensions between Jason and Sonny and Manny now be an outed wild card, I think the mob-wars Sonny and Lorenzo have been trying to avoid are going to be forced upon them. I look for (or maybe hope for) the couple to be destroyed in the process, probably in an instance of Sonny not being able to protect Emily when need be, throwing him into yet another downward spiral of depression.

After Jason unleashed his anger on both Sonny and Emily, Sam thought it might be better for him to spend the night in lockup to cool off. Jason thought differently and turned his anger on her. Unbeknownst to both of them, Alexis was watching and later ended up locked in a conference room with Sam. I have to give the writers credit on this one. It would have been easy to have Sam lash out at the woman once again; instead it evolved into a rather touching and very telling scene for the two of them. Sam finally began to see things from the other woman’s side and is considering confiding she is the daughter Alexis thinks died. What’s going to complicate matters more, and possibly hold Sam off is if Alexis continues to pursue the notion that Jason is being abusive.

Now that we’ve moved beyond Sam’s volatile anger, I’m looking forward to watching this storyline unfold. Since it involves the Cassadine family, it isn’t going to be an easy road – and I still have a feeling it isn’t going to end up being clean and easy. The girl who was killed (as noted in Alexis records) plays into the equation somehow I think.

Speaking of Cassadines, Nicholas had an eventful week. When he wasn’t defending Emily to her family or telling her he was still in love with her, he was comforting Maxie in her grief over Jesse. Even though it appears to me there’s a large age difference between Maxi and Nicholas, it’s not as noticeable as Sonny and Emily. I also think they compliment each other well. I’m sure about the time they finally get together is when Emily and Sonny will fall apart, leaving Emily to cause trouble for these two.

Once Jesse was declared brain-dead, it cleared the way for Noah to get the liver transplant he had persistently refused. Robin waited with a distraught and nervous Patrick but word shortly came that Jesse’s liver was not viable. Patrick immediately insisted he should be allowed to be a living donor but was hit with another stumbling block — a psychiatrist’s signature on the paperwork. With Lainey out of town, Robin stepped up, forged the signature, and then scrubbed up to observe in the operating room.

While on the table Patrick’s vital signs began to crash and Robin stepped in, saving her colleague and blossoming love interest. Noah’s operation went off without a bit of complication and all that was left was for him to wake up. Before doing so he began rambling on and on for his deceased wife, declaring his love for her. For the first time since the doctor with a tortured past returned we were given a name for said departed wife, Mattie. Bobbi stayed with him and comforted him. When he awoke, he quickly figured out he had been given a transplant against his wishes and demanded to know whose liver was used. Patrick was wheeled into the room just in time to inform his father it was part of his.

This story is set to explode on Monday. As though I’m sure deep down somewhere the doctor will be grateful to his son, his anger will rise to the top and be the first thing we see. Patrick and Robin bent a lot of rules, and if Noah doesn’t let go of the anger, their careers could be on the line. More conflict on the road to reconciliation with the Doctors’ Drake is what I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks.

Next Week: Lucky is injured. Alexis seeks advice from Carly. Robin is suspended.

In General Hospital related news: The actor who plays Noah Drake, Rick Springfield, will be opening the Daytime Emmy awards. The April 28 show will be broadcast live on ABC from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood California at 8pm (eastern). The singer/actor will be performing a medley of songs including his #1 hit Jessie’s Girl.

Making the Rounds will be taking a two-week hiatus as I will be on vacation.

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