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Sonny pleaded his case to Dante, Patrick and Robin feared for Emma's safety, and Brenda refused Franco's offer.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Dante Believes Sonny, Brenda Refuses Franco

On Monday’s General Hospital: Jax pushed Claire to close in on Sonny, Sonny pleaded his case to Dante, Patrick and Robin feared for Emma’s safety, and Brenda refused Franco’s offer.

Jax asked Claire how close she was to arresting Sonny and making it stick this time. The federal prosecutor dodged the question, leading Jax to wonder if she was just another woman to fall under Sonny’s mystical spell. As Claire defended herself, saying she would move forward when she had a solid case, she got a phone call informing her that Sonny had been arrested for shooting Johnny.

Before his arrest, Sonny who came home surprised to find Dante waiting for him. Eventually, he told his son everything about what happened. Sonny pleaded that he’d only reacted in self defense swearing it on his children’s lives (“Including you, Dante”). In the end, Dante said he believed his estranged father. Well, until Ronnie came in and claimed Johnny was unarmed at the time he was shot.

Even though Carly took the kids out of town to keep them safe during the predicted Johnny/Sonny war, I’m not so sure she would be happy to know that Jax is still working toward a conviction for Sonny. Yes, she’s said it’s time for him to pay for how he’s hurt his children, but when push comes to shove, Carly always lands on Sonny’s side. I just don’t see this ending any differently this time (Even when Brenda does show up).

As for Sonny himself – or more directly to TPTB – if I have to listen to Sonny prattle on one more time about how ‘it wasn’t my fault’ or “He started it. What was I supposed to do?” I’m going to puke. Sonny, Jason, and Carly are cornerstones of the show, I’m not suggesting they go anywhere. But just maybe we could write them a new script, with fresh lines,constructed by someone who watches something other than bad gangster movies.

Patrick and Robin came home from the hospital to find that Lisa had taken Emma out from ice cream. Instead of a) firing the nanny on the spot and then b) calling the police. Patrick lightly scolds the nanny and Robin insisted they look for her themselves for one hour. Hmm…if someone stole my baby — someone we think is cutting your wife’s face out of pictures and stealing her HIV meds — We call the cops NOW. It’s too late to save your cheating ass, do the right thing for your kid.

Instead of going to the ice cream places Robin dictated, Patrick went to the hospital and complained to Steve because “Lisa won’t answer her phone.” Hello! She kidnapped your baby. Why would she answer the phone? In the end, Patrick returned to the house to find Lisa there with Emma acting like she wasn’t the queen of psycholand. But did Robin walk in before or after Lisa said, “This is how it could be Patrick: You, me, and Emma, if something happens to Robin.”

In Rome, Franco’s agent tried to convince Brenda to allow Franco to do a whole collection centered around her. After asking the agent point blank if Franco was a serial killer, she refused saying she’s dedicated her life to stop violence and wouldn’t be part of anyone’s work who showcases it the way Franco does. At the end of the episode, Brenda rushed back into the hotel room to answer her phone. She then took it out to the balcony and we saw there was a man dressed in black, stalking the place. Franco?

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